This is the autobiographical journal of Arvil Bren, a somewhat reluctant hero who has been placed on an unknown quest by powers that he barely knows exist. Follow his journey as it is updated daily, Monday through Friday, and enjoy! These are the most recent entries in Arvil Bren's third journal; Politics of the Redoran. His first journal can be found in its entirety here. His second journal, Trail of the Archmage can be found here.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Day Five: The messy death of Tarhiel the mage

This morning I witnessed the messy death of a shortsighted spellcaster. From his journal I know that his name was Tarhiel, and from his dress I can surmise that he was fairly well off, but no one in Seyda Neen has heard of him and I have no idea from where he hailed. Hailed is a word of many meanings, and for Tarhiel more than one are appropriate. My first glimpse of him came as he plummeted like a stone from the sky, though his screaming was far from stonelike.

I rushed through the trees and found the crumpled corpse. He was clearly dead, broken beyond recognition. I wondered how he came to fall from such a great height until I scanned the recent entries in his journal, which though a bit the worse for wear had survived the fall. It seems Tarhiel invented a spell for himself with the intention of leaping great distances. Apparently he forgot that while jumping a great distance would be a boon to a traveler, some provision for landing would be required. In his pockets were three copies of his final spell, but I see no practical use for them.

After burying Tarhiel I resumed my search for pearls, this time in the opposite bay. Even with no assistance I did manage to thin the ranks of the vicious slaughterfish sufficiently to swim out to a kollop bed unassailed; however the east side of Seyda Neen is the harbor and reaching the kollops in the bottom of the main shipping channel was a serious challenge. While I did succeed in retrieving another pearl the effort was exhausting and I returned to town before sunset to recuperate.

With an early evening and feeling expansive I bought a few rounds at the tradehouse, and have established some friendships with the regulars there. I did have a confrontation in the street with Vodunius Nuccius, who seemed intent on taking offence to everything I said. After speaking with his friend Darvame Hleran the caravaner I could see that it is his situation he is upset with, not me. Seyda Neen was definitely not what he had in mind when he came to Morrowind. I purchased a ring from him so that he could catch a ship or caravan and move on. The ring is very nice, but seems to have an enchantment with some bad side effects laid on it. I'm sure I could get most of what I paid back if I sell the ring, and it is an improvement to look forward to having Vodunius' unhappy presence removed from the streets.


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