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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Day Eighty-three: Rescue

I finally found the caverns of Mamaca. Hannat Zainsubani was indeed there. He had not found the rich source of ebony he had hoped for. What he found was the Sixth House cult. The cavern swarms with dreamers; Dunmer who have forsaken their homes and their lives to answer the call of Dagoth Ur. They sleep and dream, and when awake they serve the ash legions of Dagoth Ur. I did not encounter any of the dreaded ash vampires, but had I fully explored the depths of the cave I may have.

By the time I found Zainsubani's cell I had dispatched numerous foes, but no alarm had been raised. Dreamers and the ash legions tend to fight silently, and I was very happy to do the same. While the unarmored and lightly armed dreamers fell easily to my spear, the ash monsters of Dagoth Ur are dangerous foes. Had they sounded the alarm and rallied to the defense I may have been hard pressed. Ash ghouls in particular have a fair command of destruction magic and attack with powerful shocks of electrical energy.

Young Zainsubani was badly shaken by his experience. While in the clutches of the cult his sleep has been tortured continuously by dreams. From what he says the dreams are similar to dreams I have experienced myself, though his were apparently far more vivid and have driven him to the brink of exhaustion. The haggard look of a man deprived of sleep struck a familiar note. I suspect these dreams are far more widespread than anyone would imagine, not confined to the dreamers of the cult, but rampant in the populace. Obviously they emanate from Red Mountain and are a weapon of Dagoth Ur. I left Mamaca as soon as I had found Zainsubani to lead him to safety, but I will return to lance this festering boil of poisonous dreams.

Someday, but not tonight. Once free of the cavern Zainsubani set off into the Ashlands. I was glad that Hannat did not return to my camp with me. I would hate to find out that my campmates were his friends or relatives. He requested that I deliver a message to his father to let him know he is well, and I agreed. Hassour should be done with my notes by now, and tomorrow I expect I will be on my way to Caius with them.


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