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Friday, March 04, 2005

Day Sixty-five: Promoted by the Archmage

I have been called to Vivec. Had I known that when I got up this morning I might have just walked there. Instead I have been all over the island, mostly by silt strider. I needed the time to think anyway. Not that the thinking did me any good. The bad Daedra cults are spreading the blight. The Sixth House cult is spreading the blight. The Empire is embargoing Vvardenfell, which is going to make matters worse. The Tribunal Temple is pretending they have it all under control, which is making matters worse. If I am the reincarnation of Nerevar I would have thought I would know it, and I would certainly think I'd have at least a clue what to do about it all; and I don't. On the walk to Seyda Neen and the long strider ride to Ald-ruhn I didn't solve any problems, and as soon as I got there new problems started raining down on me.

Edwinna welcomed me, thanked me profusely for the Dwemer tube, and sent me directly to the guild guide for transport to Vivec. The summons from the Archmage Trebonius apparently left no time for pleasantries. I thought I was prepared for the worst, even if I got expelled from the guild I have enough friends. Edwinna and Ranis would probably lobby to get me reinstated. In the shifting allegiances of the guild I think I could get around Trebonius' ire fairly easily. His favor may be a lot more difficult to live with. He greeted me before I got five steps from the guide platform.

"Arvil my lad! Great to have you back from the hinterlands!" he boomed. I'm sure everyone in the guild hall was aware of my return, and probably most of the foreign quarter. I tried not to seem completely thrown off, but I'm sure I failed, and followed the archmage lamely into his office. "I'm promoting you to conjurer! Why those luffers in the lesser halls have been holding you back I'll never know." I could feel the venom of the rest of the guild rising against me with every word. Then he quietly said "nice work with that book, gave me a chance to put that snobbish Altmer Sirlonwe right in her place." Great. "Now listen, you need to start paying dues. I know that won't be a problem, but what you really must do is start sharpening your skills. You have a good diverse range, but some of the other ranking mages think you rely on your spear to the detriment of your abilities. You need a specialty, and you need to practice. You don't need to study all that much. Edwinna in Ald-ruhn has read all the books, near as I can make out, and it wouldn't help her a whit if I sent a fireball up her robe, eh?"

I stammered something that probably made no sense, and handed over two hundred septims in guild dues. Then he kicked me out. The looks I got from the rest of the local mage's left no doubt that this was worse than the expulsion I had expected. Sirlonwe in particular looked like she was measuring me for a casket.

I wanted to get out of the guild hall, and a message waiting for me from Tarar Braryn gave me a good excuse. I levitated down from the plaza level and landed on the surface of the bay using my water walking spell, and walked the length of the city to the temple canton. Practice, practice, practice. I had better bring my skills up to justify my rank fast.

The subcommander of the watch greeted me warmly, again putting me on my guard. I had done him a favor, and had broken up the Daedric cult operating in St. Olms canton, but it wasn't like we parted as friends. As the saying goes, need makes strange fellows. The Ordinators have decided they need somebody, and I'm it.

Their problem is the killings in the foreign quarter. Actually, if the killings had only been outlanders in the foreign quarter I suspect it wouldn't be a problem for them at all. What made it a problem is that the killer had struck again, this time in the Hlaalu canton. Apparently the killer had been surprised in the act during their foray into this expanded range. Two Ordinators were also slain; throats slit, without ever drawing their weapons. In some quarters the dreaded word vampire was being uttered, though the knowledgeable know that the slashed throat would not suit the undead. To a vampire blood spilled is food wasted. The rumors, growing ever wilder, demand a response, and the Ordinators have let it be known they are doing everything they can, even seeking outside help. Me.

Tarar introduced me to Elam Andas, chief of the watch. He gave me all the information they have, which is not much. An outlander mage reported being threatened by a Dunmer woman with a dagger in Hlaalu canton not long before the killings, but his description is vague at best. He got only a brief look before teleporting to safety. He did say that she was wearing netch leather armor. Most people don't openly wear armor around the city. That may be a start at least, and the Ordinators will be cooperative. I might be able to do something to help.


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Just as excellent as always - now I have to wait till Monday !! Thank you for keeping writing, 65 days is a lot of writing ! It's lovely reading about places I've been to - not many other people know what I'm talking about when I mention that I've been to Vivec!!!!!

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