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Monday, April 24, 2006

42: Distant contact

It was nice to wake up at home, especially with a feeling that I had nothing in particular to be done right away. I lay curled up with Ahnassi and considered: I need to return to the Zainab camp and report to Kashaud, but right now I cannot be out of communication with Sadrith Mora. By our timetable, Baladas should have arrived there today, and may have gotten in to address the mouths at the council chamber. I puttered around my armory until noon, but then had to get on my way. I had to be at a guild hall.

I took a leisurely stroll towards Balmora, thinking that I could check in with Ranis, then teleport to Ald-ruhn where I have my most comfortable room. Unfortunately, I am to be allowed no relaxation. As I walked up the major thoroughfare of the business district in Balmora the whispers of Moon and Star rose to a roar, and I found myself walking past the guild hall, and drawn up the hill to the Hlaalu council hall.

Nileno Dorvayn, the council's chief steward, agreed to see me even though I had no appointment. House Hlaalu is, to be polite, pragmatic. Being more direct, the fact that I have become one of the wealthier citizens of Vvardenfell pretty well assured that any possibility of doing business with me would get me an audience. I avoided any commitments to invest in their ventures without direct conversation with the council members themselves, then left with directions and letters of introduction.

The familiar name of Crassius Curio stood out. Wealth has the loudest voice in House Hlaalu, and that is the only thing I could think of that had gotten the Imperial a seat on their council. I knew from experience that his abilities as a playwright did not bring great honor to the house. The Lusty Argonian Maid was a representative sample of his poor writing, and his revolting lifestyle. House Hlaalu is, as I said, pragmatic. They have no concern for honor.

Instead of teleporting to Ald-ruhn I ended up here in Vivec, where any possible comforts of my rooms are overwhelmed by the responsibilities of my office. I sent a messenger to the Hlaalu compound, where Curio keeps an extravagant manor on the plaza level. I waded into an accumulation of reports that made it a relief when the messenger returned with an appointment for me to see Curio. Almost made it a relief anyway. He is revolting. Why the Hlaalu accept him is hard to fathom, but why he came to Vvardenfell is easy to explain. Nowhere else in the empire would he be able to keep slaves, and even in the more civilized parts of Morrowind he would not be able to use them the way he does.

The only way I could think to approach the perverted councilor was to question what would become of him if the empire should forsake the eastern provinces. House Hlaalu's acceptance of outlanders has made them a clear favorite of Imperial politicians, but would he have any value to them in an independent Morrowind?

Apparently, he would. His fortune, and the trading company that produced it, are outside of Morrowind. Access to that keeps him vital to his house. But fortune smiles, or possibly Azura's hand gave a push to events. Curio is not as comfortable in his security as he could be...not as secure as he would be if the council were not dominated by Orvas Dren. There is no way for the foppish Curio to break Dren's hold, but if I find a way to do that I will be able to get his support when I approach the council about becoming the Hortator. With Dren out of the way the pragmatic Hlaalu council could probably be simply bought.

A messenger arrived late. Baladas got word to Skink that he will be seeing the council tomorrow. He is requesting a seat on the council. Aryon will support him. Dratha will oppose him; just because he is a man if for no other reason. Without an agreement among the rest of the council it is doubtful that Gothren will come to a decision, and the Telvanni council will end up with another undecided issue on their table. An undecided issue that can provide very useful cover.

House Hlaalu, House Telvanni, the Zainab tribe; pursuit of control of three factions at once has left my mind a whirling jumble. At least the voice of the ring is quiet. Perhaps it is satisfied.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is all getting very interesting. I can't wait to see how Arvil continues to "persuade" the councillors to accept him.
His tactics are excellent.

- angela

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!! Stab you Curio! Stabstabstab! I'm gonna send Curio to live with Michael Jackson! See how he likes it, that bastard!!!!


3:39 PM  
Anonymous mikekearn said...

Arvil's methods of "persuasion" are second to none. If he can't get it done, one way or another, it's possible that it can't be done. At least, that's how it feels reading this.
I loved it.

10:14 PM  

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