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Monday, December 13, 2004

Day Six Smuggler's docks

Today I explored southeast of town; an area of small rocky islands ideal for smuggling operations. I located a small dock where a leafboat was tied. I suspect it may have belonged to the smugglers of Addamasartus. There were a number of empty cargo chests on board, and I found some scraps of moon sugar. It also was not a secure place to leave a boat long term, and gave the appearance that it had been left for at least a few days. I would guess that they intended to return to their boat before I dealt them their untimely demise.

I again spent the evening at the tradehouse. There is a Nord scout called Raflod the Braggart. Although he is loud and boisterous, and will talk about anything whether he has any knowledge or not, he has been an invaluable source of knowledge regarding the bonemold plate armors that are popular here in Morrowind. They are lighter than plate metal armors, more comparable to chain mail in weight.

I have also picked up some local lore from a battlemage, Albecius Colollius by name. He tells me that the burial customs of the native Dunmer present some interesting opportunities. Ancestral tombs fall prey to neglect in dwindling or far-flung families, and these neglected tombs sometimes contain very interesting items. To highlight the dangers he mentioned that some foolish spellcaster who had come into possession of an artifact he called Mentor's Ring apparently lost it in a tomb somewhere along the coast. There are hazards, particularly ghosts and other ancestral spirit guardians, but it definitely sounds worth the risk to explore if I come across one. I may get lucky and find this lost ring.

Tomorrow will mark one full week here in Morrowind. As my explorations carry me further from Seyda Neen I get more and more inclined to head for Balmora. My spear is almost completely blunted, and I have picked up a halberd from Arrille, but there is no smith in town to repair my spear or appraise the black armor. I am accumulating some interesting plants, and would like to experiment with some of them, but there is no alchemical equipment available in town. And of course I would like to find a buyer for my growing hoard of moon sugar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say that I like the way you made a connection between the smugglers and the boat. While I've come across both of them, I've never associated them. But you pointing it out showed some of the realism to Morrowind, which I had never bothered noticing. It's taught me to look out for the continuty that I'd never looked out for before.

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