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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Day Thirty-nine: Ald-ruhn

Today I have traveled far, mostly by teleportation, and I will rest comfortably knowing the Dark Brotherhood would have no reason to think to look for me here in Ald-ruhn. Edwinna Elbert has given me a comfortable room of my own here in the guild hall. I suppose arriving as an established member with the rank of Evoker gave me more initial status than I had wandering in from the swamps to join the guild in Balmora. Bringing greetings from her friend Ajira certainly didn't hurt my welcome either.

My head is slightly aswirl tonight. I met too many people today. Dinner here at the guild hall was hectic with new names, new faces, and terms that were unfamiliar to me. Talk of 'under Skar' left me quite confused until Vala Catraso saw my plight and explained the term. Apparently the House Redoran council chamber, councilor's manors and the upper crust of Ald-ruhn all can be found under the ancient shell of a giant crab, known as Skar. I felt compelled after dinner to go out and see this wonder. It is indeed immense, covering the entire north end of the city.

I had not seen Skar, or anything else of Ald-ruhn for that matter, because I arrived through the magical transport of a guild guide. These specialists provide instant transportation between all the guild halls on Vvardenfell. I think I will establish my enchanting lab and library here in the room Edwinna assigned me, since it will be easily accessed from any guild hall. This is a good place for a library. Edwinna stresses scholarship, and Vala is actually running a school right in the guild hall, teaching ashlanders to read. I wonder though if Edwinna's studies are purely theoretical. She has asked me to find her a copy of a very rare book, The Chronicles of Nehuleft. She is clearly studying the Dwemer in great depth, and a passing comment or two leads me to believe she is actually trying to construct her own versions of the Dwemer centurions. A risky proposition. The Dwemer are considered an ancient menace by the Tribunal Temple, trafficking in Dwemer artifacts is a crime against the Empire, and the question of how to control such a construct is another serious consideration.

I will not be the one to hinder her though, since I have my own secrets regarding Dwemer artifacts. This morning I met the Pelagiad trader Mebestien Ence, a fellow Breton. Ahnassi had given me a little inside information about his inventory, and when the guard posted in his shop had gone out of earshot I broached the subject. Ence does indeed traffic in Dwemer artifacts, and I told him that I would be returning with some for him to purchase. I claimed a cave near Pelagiad to use for storage and left a new mark, and I will be transporting all my possessions there as soon as I can make the trek to Gnaar Mok.

The cave is small, and even though the former residents apparently lived there I don't really want to become some sort of cave dwelling hermit bandit. The towering Nord and his partner will have to be disposed of when I return. No ready access to a sea of slaughterfish unfortunately. They were obviously bandits and I'm sure they will not be missed. Among their loot I found an engraved silver bowl that obviously did not belong to them. I may visit the East Empire Company and try to locate the owner. A selfless good deed to ease my conscience? While I have confined myself mostly to the bandits and thugs of the Cammona Tong the death that I am leaving in my wake is starting to weigh on me. Today's harmless bandit couple perhaps most of all.

I am proceeding on my fated task, however. In fact Caius is so happy that he promoted me to Blades Apprentice when I brought him Sharn's notes on the Nerevarine Prophecies. I am troubled though. The prophecy involves someone born of uncertain parentage on a certain day, my birthday. Is the Empire thinking of trying to pass me off as this Nerevarine? The Tribunal Temple makes a habit of imprisoning, torturing, or roasting claimants to Nerevar's mantle. Being pushed forward as a possibility would make for a short and unpleasant stay here, but would go far towards explaining my sudden release from prison. Another line in the prophecy called The Stranger says the Nerevarine shall be stalked by the wicked. Could that be the Dark Brotherhood? And is the Emperor sending them after me himself to give the appearance of prophecy fulfilled? I delivered the skull to Sharn to get answers, and ended up with questions. Caius needs a few days to read and plan, hopefully he will be able to make some things clearer when I see him again.

In the interim I will find this book for Edwinna and get myself cleared from Gnaar Mok. It is a long walk from here to the coast. I will have time to think.


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