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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Day Forty-three: Out of the shack and into the fire

I am settled in at the guild hall in Ald-ruhn, having spent the day moving once more. Clearing all my possessions out of the shack was bittersweet, but after recent events I am less inclined to a hermit's existence. It seems nowhere is remote enough to avoid the Dark Brotherhood. I will have to safeguard my survival with movement, not isolation. With that in mind I have begun the process of separating my various shops and equipments.

Here in Ald-ruhn I established my library. I have accumulated quite a few books in my travels, and today purchased a few more. In a booksellers shop in Balmora I found the rare volume Edwinna wanted, Chronicles of Nehuleft. I also picked up my own copies of History of the Empire, and a book on the Dark Brotherhood. This historical perspective has kept me in my chamber since dinner, for it seems a familiarity with my enemies could only help me. No startling revelations leapt forth however.

The dinner table here is quite different from meals in the Balmora guild hall. The focus on scholarship is very much in evidence. Anarenen it seems can be counted on at any meal to hold forth on some aspect of alchemy until literally told that everyone has heard enough. I will probably learn more over dinners than I would have with all my experimentation. Edwinna is more of a quiet watcher, but I did get her animated attention by mentioning my trip to Arkngthand. I think it will not be long before we are having a very frank conversation about Dwemer artifacts and Imperial law. My supply of Dwemer artifacts I left stored in my cave, close enough for accessing the trader in Pelagiad. I am sure I have far more than he can afford, but if I take all I can carry every time I visit the town it should make a profitable sideline.

A profitable sideline with the added benefit of visiting Ahnassi. Despite the alluring Drulene Falen and the peaceful idyll of her farm I have not been able to get the lovely Khajiit out of my mind. The secret of my cave must be protected though, so I dare not visit Pelagiad yet. There is a spell which I have seen on scrolls that will allow me to transport myself from the cave directly to the Imperial Shrine at the Pelagiad fort. I can load my pack with artifacts and use that spell, so no one will ever see me enter or leave the cave. Problem being that I do not know that spell, and presently do not have any scrolls to use either. I will check the supply chest tomorrow.

A knock on my door interrupted my writing. Ajira come to tell me that Hasphat Antabolis has been to the guild looking for me. I trust the master at arms of the Balmora Fighter's Guild well enough. But how many people know to look for me at the Mage's Guild. And how safe is Ajira, if she becomes known as someone who knows how to find me?


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