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Monday, March 07, 2005

Day Sixty-six: Research

I took some advantage of being assigned to help the Ordinators with the murders. When I woke this morning I went directly to the library in the Hall of Wisdom, ostensibly to do some research regarding the magic apparently in use. I did learn some things that may help with the murders, but I also had the opportunity to speak to Caius' friend Mehra Milo. From her I learned a lot of things. Then I went to Jobasha's bookstore and got a book that she recommended, and I learned a lot more.

In 'Progress of Truth' the views of a group known as the Dissident priests are set forth. The Dissidents seem to have started by questioning why the Temple hierarchy is so adamant in their persecution of the Nerevarine cult, and progressed from there along lines that have already occurred to me. Like; would the Tribunal want Nerevar back? The Dissidents, in their study of Ashlander legend, have found many points to ponder there. The official story of Nerevar's demise at the hands of Dagoth Ur is countered by the Ashlander belief that the Tribunal is somehow responsible. In fact the Ashlanders claim that Nerevar left Dagoth Ur to guard the Dwemer secrets inside Red Mountain. Those secrets of the Dwemer would account for Dagoth Ur's apparent immortality, and some claim that the Tribunal's immortality was not conferred upon them by the collected ancestors and good Daedra, but is a result of their own use of the Dwemer technologies that they profess were destroyed as profane.

The Dissidents, pursuing these lines of research, naturally ran afoul of the Ordinators. This lead to their own persecution. As they began to personally experience the methods of the Ordinators their own position grew further and further from the Temple leadership. They have reached a point where they are in open defiance of Temple policy in many areas, accusing the leadership of the modern temple of being more interested in maintaining their own authority and luxury than the welfare of the people. The authority of the Ordinators they have flatly rejected.

I must get this book to Caius.

By showing up in Ald-ruhn with a book and immersing myself in study I at least kept Edwinna from being overly offended at my new status in the guild. As she put it, clumsy politics on the part of Trebonius. I also transported to Balmora to gather some ingredients from Ajira, and I am still well liked there. In addition to studying the book of the Dissident priests, I spent some time distilling restoratives with the help of Anarenen the Alchemist. Despite his tendency to ramble he is so skillful that I gratefully spent the time with him. All indications point to some sort of powerful fatigue magic being used by the killer in Vivec, and I want to be prepared. When the killer puts people to sleep, it appears to be permanent.


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