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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

38: Cavern of the Incarnate

The day dawned disappointing. Azura's star shone down on...nothing. The more I looked at the dome of rock rising over the head of the canyon the less it looked like a needle. Eventually I had to concede that I was in the wrong place. The howling winds as I strode down the canyon was made even more irritating when I considered that it was really the only accurate landmark.

The mouth of the right canyon was not far from the canyon I was in, much to my chagrin. Seeing the actual formations of Airan's teeth made me wonder how I had looked at the two blocky outcrops I saw yesterday and thought they were the landmark I was looking for. Then I found the actual needle, which made the mound that I spent last night in front of look more like a haystack. The final slap in the face came when I stood at the head of this canyon in front of a huge iron door! I assumed that 'the star is the key' would mean that, like Holamayan, the door would only be visible in the light of Azura's Star, but actually it is plainly visible, it just won't open.

So I spent the day sitting with my back against the doors. The wind howled, but I was sheltered. The beasts of the Ashlands did not have any interest in fighting the winds blasting down the canyon and I was left alone. By dusk I was ready to enter the cavern. Ready, or resigned.

The Cavern of the Incarnate is a hall of ghosts. The voice of Azura rang through me, and was joined by previous claimants to the mantle of Nerevar. I took the ring, Moon and Star, and placed it on my finger. I still live. Azura has declared that I am the Nerevarine. Conversation with the shades has convinced me though that my trials have just begun. These ghosts bore the Moon and Star also, but failed in later testing. Only success will keep my spirit from spending eternity here, in this bleak cave. The others also long for my success. Perhaps they will then be able to rest as well.


Blogger Fahrradd said...

It is a sad day when so many people try to make money off the great writing that people like Tim produce.

A sad day indeed.

6:23 PM  
Blogger the dreya said...

First off, want to applaud you for this incredible story. I've just started Morrowind and was getting discouraged, but Arvil has brought it back to life (and given me some good pointers!). Your writing is superbly evocative.
So this post gives me a bit of puzzlement - no description of the ring, not much of the cavern - it seems unnaturally and undeservedly short. Keeping us in suspense, or just a long tiring day?

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Arthmodeus said...

Still reading your journal. It is EXCELLENT.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the brevity. How many times do we go through the most incredible experiences and realize that we could never adequately describe them? That's the feeling I got from Arvil Bren in this entry. He's overwhelmed. Maybe more details will come later, but for now he's consumed with the realization that he is the Nereverine.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous mikekearn said...

i just wonder if he is going to get the presents from the failed nerevarines. they aren't all that great, but they are neat mommentos of that astounding achievment.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hA great Morrowind moment, that brilliantly described - I have to say, I both laughed and cried at the moment Azura speaks in the cavern!

your description of searching, and finding, Azura's cave was outstanding!

Forward to GLORY, Nereverine Arvil Bren!!

- Angela

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Rex Little said...

I've been following and really enjoying Arvil Bren's story since the beginning, but I've got to say I found this chapter somewhat jarring. Previously the events have been wonderfully fleshed out with the little details that make a story come to life. But here, at perhaps the most dramatic point of the game's main quest before the final confrontation with Dagoth Ur, we get less dialogue and detail than the game itself provides. I hope this doesn't mean that Tim is tired of this project and looking to wrap it up.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Tim said...


I am greatly enjoying this conversation, and was just sort of letting it flow...I do draw a LOT of direction from the comments in case anyone hasn't noticed. Rex made me respond, I'm not wrapping it up.

One of the complexities of this journal has been maintaining it as 'a journal'. Does a journal writer recreate dialog? If it is really significant to him, perhaps. Does he describe battles? Maybe, but not all of them. Truthfully there are relatively few that even give Arvil pause any more, so few really call for him to describe them...Dagoth Ur, no doubt...the next atronach probably not. Does he describe every item he acquires? Probably not, unless there is something about it that calls for Arvil Bren's case I think he would be a little jaded about that sort of thing now that he has a stockpile that exceeds the treasure halls of the great houses. The gifts likely won't get much comment because, frankly, Arvil has better stuff already for the most part.

This: "How many times do we go through the most incredible experiences and realize that we could never adequately describe them?" appeals to me.

Now my own reasoning on the current question: Arvil's journal is his way to set things in his mind, and perhaps to be reviewed reminiscence or as reminder of things that may otherwise slip from his mind. He had a face to face conversation with, effectively, a goddess. What reminder could he ever really need?

The ring will obviously play a huge part...there should be ample time to expand on it. The contributions of the ghosts, at least their words, will get some play...a little bit today in fact.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading your ideas was very interesting - I appreciated your taking the time to "chat" to your readers, as Tim, not as Arvil Bren! You are an excellent writer; exchanging ideas with your readers must make an interesting difference to the author.
In the 19th century, novels were often published in serial form, and Charles Dickens, especially, loved interacting with his readers, as the story developed. So things don't change - the internet just makes it easier to communicate!

- Angela

3:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why we have the "word verification" now? Is it for security?

- Angela

3:12 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

The verification requires an actual human eye to translate the graphic image into type...most of the spammers just have a bot leaving the same comment on every blog in the blogspot system, and the bot can't do the translating, so hopefully we won't be seeing the 'Hey I really like the layout of your blog! By the way check out my penis enlargement cream website!' comments any more.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you !!

- Angela

10:31 AM  

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