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Friday, April 28, 2006

44: Concluding business

Ahnassi is very much amused with my comings and goings, but she is looking forward to leaving the house in Pelagiad. I've received word that the manor section is complete at Bal Isra, but I'd like to get a barracks built and staffed with guards before I move her there. In the meantime she is happy that my current adventures have allowed for me to be home nights, at least the last couple. Today I traveled openly again to Telvanni territory, so I'll be staying here overnight in Tel Vos. The guest quarters Aryon has provided are unique, to say the least. It is interesting being on the inside of Telvanni intrigues.

I arrived in Sadrith Mora and filed my papers for my trip to Vos. As I was carrying the priceless books that the guild is donating to Aryon's museum it made perfect sense that I should have an escort, but I think the guard captain was somewhat surprised when I accepted readily. I was pleased to see the burly Gilvath again, and used the time hiking through the grazelands to befriend the rest of the contingent. Having Gilvath's account of the hunt for Calvario got me off on the right foot, despite the inherent distrust they have for the guild.

Neloth made sure I would be well guarded for more than one reason, and when all the ceremonies were complete I was shown to this room and the guards settled their schedule for watching my door. Between Aryon's regular garrison and the escorts from Sadrith Mora there will be no doubt that the visiting Archmage slept securely through the night.

Once the great tower had settled down somewhat the bookcase swung silently inward. Aryon floated into the room and settled to the floor. "Take careful note of the outer latch Archmage. This wall faces away from any watchtowers, but you will still not want to be hanging there searching for it."

"No problem Aryon," I replied. "I have more than enough chameleon magic. Even if someone looks up they won't notice me."

He swung the secret access shut. "Just make sure no one is looking when the portal in the side of the tower pops open." He pressed on a series of decorations carved into the edge of the bottom shelf, and the panel opened a small slit along the bottom. "You can look through here to make sure no one is observing, then press here to open the door."

"Perfect. I won't be seen. Not here at least."

He glanced at the blackened chain mesh of the Dark Brotherhood armor laid out on the bed. "Scum, all of them."

"Yes," I said. "They lack the honor of the Morag Tong, but the rules of the Tong would prevent Baladas from hiring them for the task."

"They have not been active in Vvardenfell for some time."

"No," I replied. "Their base in Mournhold encountered...problems, from what I understand. But no one believes that the Night Mother has gone out of business completely."

"A Telvanni councilor would present a most challenging target for the Dark Brotherhood, or the Morag Tong for that matter."

"They would certainly send their best," I agreed. "Let us hope they are good enough."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They don't mention the Night Mother in Morrowind I don't think.....You got that from Oblivion! Have you completed the DB quest line? It's fun!!

Nice, short chapter full of detail.


10:12 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

Nooz, read Brothers of Darkness, available at most Vvardenfell book sellers. My very first Morrowind character picked up a copy right after the first assassin appeared. Know your enemies.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes they do!!! It's part of the Morag Tong... To assassinate the leader of the Dark Brotherhood within Ald Sotha!! The Night Mother Severa Magia... This the last quest before becoming the Grandmaster!! The Temple also has an Four Corners quests in Ald Sotha...

12:17 PM  
Anonymous mikekearn said...

I like how that's one of the many ways Oblivion and Morrowind are shown to be part of the same world.

Nice little chapter, no doubt setting up another grand performance in the future for our Breton friend.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can jion both the Fighter's and the Thieves Giulds... First jion the Fighter's Giuld, work your way upto the Code Book mission.. Once you have Sottitude Code Book... Drop it!! Now ask Suger-Lips for membership in the Thieves Giuld.. Now return the Code Book to the Fighter's Giuld..
You should now be both members of the Fighter's and Thieves Giulds..
Now I have found it best to have no rank in the Fighter's Guild.. Have any rank, just gets you refused not only by Sottitude, by also Sugar-Lips... You can try having rank, it's best having none!!

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, ok then, I learned something new.


6:42 PM  

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