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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Comment Issues

I'm back. Haven't had time to get started with posting yet, but I have the next few posts laid out in my head. This morning I've been sidetracked with some problems in the comments area. I have no problem with 'advertising' other Morrowind journals, or Oblivion journals, etc...but... when you put links in the comments, or anything that is a long uninterrupted series of characters without a space for that matter, it blows up the word wrapping and screws up the formatting. So, here's the deal...I'm going to provide permanent linkage to my 'rivals' as long as they meet my criteria. All that means is that they have a history of three months or more of steady postings. So...instead of putting links in the comments please send me an e-mail with any recommendations you have and I'll get the link field set up.


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