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Monday, April 04, 2005

Day Eighty-six: The necromancer of Maar Gan

I found the scout Nuleno Tedas in Maar Gan. He is a reliable friend of Caius, I hope. The fewer people know about my movements and destinations the better. The directions to the Urshilaku camp that he gave me will be useful in a way, even though I am not following them.

Nuleno's recommended path lead to a narrow pass into a steep walled foyada. His recommendation from there involved following the foyada to the coast and swimming around the headlands to the east. A fine path for a scout, not a conjurer. For me the shorter straight line path appeals more than the swim, so I levitated out of the foyada and will strike directly north in the morning.

While I was talking to Nuleno I started checking information for my other assignment in Maar Gan. When I asked about necromancy he just looked puzzled. When I asked about Tashpi he told me where to find her, but was clearly astonished that anyone would think she was a necromancer. He definitely would never believe that the village healer could be practicing the dark rites of necromancy. I knew it was quite possible, but decided to do some more checking.

The Redoran guards that patrol the streets of the outpost were my next source. I am coming to respect the Redorans. They seem to have found a balance between honoring the temple and the ancestral ways of the Dunmer, and they carry themselves with the dignity and courage of the Ashlanders without the short temper and xenophobia. The guards were helpful in clarifying information, though their information did not help with my mission. Nothing any of them has seen would indicate that there is an active practicing necromancer anywhere in or near Maar Gan. I went to Tashpi's hut hoping that the mystery could be resolved at the source.

Tashpi was completely taken aback when I asked her about necromancy. She is a lovely Dunmer woman who came to this remote outpost to be of service to her people. With her skills she could make a much better living in a major city, but the smaller villages are frequently in dire need, and she has chosen to meet that need. How could this good woman find herself accused of necromancy? How could I find myself sent here to end her life?

I should have guessed. Nowhere in her chosen life is there a need or a place for the Mage's Guild, so she never joined. Even when she was directly approached by Ranis herself, she refused. There are many villages in need of a healer. I feel bad for the people of Maar Gan, but their healer must go. Tashpi will find a place on the mainland to practice her arts. I will tell Ranis she is dead. I am losing patience with being Ranis' chosen assassin.


Blogger frootat31 said...

this is almost exactly my own response to Ranis' quests concerning killing this person and that person. I love your blog! keep up the great work. I visit EVERY day!!!

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Mebyon said...

I particulary liked the precis at the end! :-) Oh for the smileys on Perceptual Motion!

3:45 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

ooops...this would be what Mebyon is talking about...which I forgot to edit out...typical of the notes I take while I play

86 into Maar Gan...Scout Nuleno Tedas directions to Urshilaku camp, says Tashpi is no to Redoran guard, Tashpi healer, no necro...Tashpi, refused guild, Ranis enemy...will leave Vvardenfell...set out north, levitate foyada...hilltop camp

5:11 PM  

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