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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Three: Politics of Sadrith Mora

Skink-in-trees-shade was saddened, but satisfied with my report. Managing the guild chapter right in the Telvanni capital is a daunting task, and being able to pass on that the necromancer Telura Ulver had been tracked down and killed would purchase him a small amount of good will. He has cultivated as many good personal relationships among the Telvanni as he can, and mostly keeps guild members from antagonizing the situation fairly well. However, we both agreed that if the legions withdraw from Vvardenfell the Imperial fortress at Wolverine Hall will be a very dangerous place to be.

"It is a question of timing Arvil Bren," he said. "There are some among the younger Telvanni who would be less difficult if they were in charge, but these Dunmer live so long. The council is almost entirely ancient wizards who still live in the days of Dunmer glory. We have planned for the escape of our mages..." It took a moment for me to sort out the pronouns. Like all Argonian's Skink refers to himself in the plural. It was his plan. "They will transport out by guild guide, and she has cast a mark for herself in the hall at Balmora. Once all are safely out we shall examine the situation, and if needed take our leave by water."

I acknowledged the need for such a plan, but I was loath to think of the guild hall abandoned without resistance. I also was concerned for Skink. "You are a master of illusion, and the people of the root obviously are well suited for this departure by water, but you can't take chances Skink." He rolled an eye at the reference to 'people of the root'. That is what the Argonian lizardmen of Black Marsh call themselves, but few others know the term. The single eye moving while the other held unblinkingly to mine was a bit disconcerting. "If we are going to have a viable guild after the Empire withdraws we are going to need your skills and your contacts."

The translucent membranes flickered over both reptilian eyes. "Viable guild after the empire withdraws? Are we not the Imperial mage's guild? Surely the intent is not to withdraw the legions and leave the citizens?"

"I don't know what the Emperor or the guild council would intend. What I do know is that Vvardenfell is my home, and I am not leaving. If the Empire leaves they leave without me. A lot of others agree. We will be a guild, a guild for Vvardenfell."

"Bold words Arvil Bren, but almost treasonous." It took some persuasion, but by the time I stepped onto the guild guide platform Skink could see the beginnings of a working plan. He could see the beginnings of it, but I could see the end. If the longevity of the Telvanni councilors is a problem steps can be taken to shorten their spans.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Steps can be taken to shorten their spans..." got to love that quote. Excellent update as always.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Liszt_Maniac said...

I notice Arvil is more like a Dunmer than a Breton. I wouldn't have noticed if Angela didn't emphasize that last line, so you shouldn't be that off. This is getting very interesting. What will happen when the legions withdraw? Will everyone survive?

7:36 PM  
Anonymous mikekearn said...

Not to be mean, liszt, but Arvil can be quoted as saying "I no longer consider myself a Breton, really." Therefore, he must be something, and since he considers Vvardenfell his home, why should he not be similar to those who also consider it their home?

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This day really brings to life the undercurrents of Morrowind politics - tricky stuff! Arvil Bren's description of the position is very good - that feeling of not quite knowing...... very familiar in Morrowind territory... I relate to that, only too well!!

very well written -

The other comments today obviously sense the same growing unease!

_ Angela

4:54 AM  
Blogger Liszt_Maniac said...

I feel like an idiot.

It's hard to remember that Arvil's been in Morrowind 153 days already; it feels like 2.

And that's a complement.

7:23 AM  

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