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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

47: Refused

The Redoran Council has entrusted an outlander with their highest post. Of course, the outlander is a Redguard, a race known for their prowess in combat. The Emperor's personal guard consists of Redguard warriors. I'm sure Neminda has the skills to do the Redorans proud.

When Edwinna, my guild steward in Ald-ruhn, told me that the person to see about joining the Redoran house was an outlander I made a mistake. I thought that finally something was going to come easily; at least one small thing. How wrong I can be.

I went to the Council Chambers, in the district of Ald-ruhn known as 'under Skar'. The immense shell of the long dead emperor crab arched overhead. The Council Chambers are directly across from the main entrance, and I crossed the long bridge to the central spire, then the equally long bridge to the opposite side. The creaking catwalks of rope and wood swayed underfoot, both mine and a number of Redoran guards. No more than usual, but for some reason today they made me uncomfortable. I could not see them through their closed face helms, but I felt like they were watching me, and I reviewed my levitation spells silently in preparation for leaping over the side.

The source of my discomfort was obvious once I had spoken to Neminda.

"You want to join House Redoran?" She laughed. "You are an Imperial spy. Berel Sala, the Captain of the Watch has told me all I ever want to hear about you."

"I am, admittedly a member of the Imperial Mage's Guild, Archmage of Vvardenfell in fact," I protested. "I don't deny that, but that hardly makes me a spy. I would think your council would leap at the opportunity to have that position filled by a member of their house. Redoran skill at arms and the guild's magecraft seems a powerful alliance for these troubled times."

She paused, weighing my words. "It isn't your guild that concerns me," she said finally.

"The Blades. The Emperor sent me here to work for the Blades because my birth and parentage seemed a match for the Nerevarine prophecies. That was how I got here, but the Blades have nothing to do with why I want to join your house. I never plan to leave Vvardenfell. This is my home. But the blight of Dagoth Ur is going to have to be overcome. I am a member in good standing with the temple, and I'm organizing my guild to fight the Sixth House, with or without the backing of the Empire. But clearly the power on Vvardenfell lies with the great houses of the Dunmer. I would join the most honorable of those."

"The only honorable of those," she said. "You speak cleverly Breton, but I only care for actions." She turned away dismissivly.

"Could I appeal your decision?" I asked.

She handed me a red bound book. "That is the red book for this year. It has the names of the current councilors, among other things. If any of them tell me that you have performed some actual service for them I will overturn my own decision. The fact that you did not try to lie about your origins speaks well of you."

I returned to the guild hall to leaf through my journals. Surely there must be people in the Redoran territories who would vouch that I have done some good.


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Love the whole story line. been trying to follow along in my own game. Keep up the great work!

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Hmm. I find your work and determination quite high. If anything I'd say you spend hours at a time typing these. I must admit even for me its quite hard to type that much.

Let me tell you. When you get 35000 people in your site, its quite remarkable and obvious that your have alot of talent. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more good storys.


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Nice man. For me I gotta say that your storys are awesome. Keep up the nice work, cause this stuff is awsome.

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