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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

48: Character witnesses

I drafted three messages this morning and tasked Edwinna with getting them delivered. A simple duty for one of her apprentices that will have them out and about. They should have no trouble finding those who I hope will speak for me.

Hassour Zainsubani they should find at the Ald Skar Inn. The wealthy merchant is semi-retired, and maintains a permanent room there. Having rescued his son from the clutches of the Sixth House I am fairly certain that he will be willing to take the time to speak to Neminda. He may have connections on the council as well.

Their next stop is at the local temple. Young Ienas Sarandas is a novice there. He donated his family home to the temple after a fit of gambling and wild spending left him sorely in debt. I bought all the goods that he had purchased on credit from him and returned them to the merchants, leaving only the gambling syndicate to feel the loss. His parents, before their untimely death, had made the Sarandas family a pillar of Ald-ruhn society. I am sure that his good word will reach the right ears.

Once they have completed the local tasks the apprentice will need to catch a silt strider to Maar Gan. With the uncertainty of caravan service this might take them some time, but it should not be too taxing. I contributed some gold to cover expenses, but made clear that they were not to travel on foot to Maar Gan. They can walk back if they like, after my message is delivered. I don't want it lost to some blighted monster on the road. I trust Miles Gloriosus to send his response, hopefully a report direct to the council detailing the support I have contributed to the defense of Maar Gan.

My last witness I had to collect myself. Sending an apprentice to wander the myriad trails of the West Gash leaves too many opportunities for delay. Even having been there before I got lost following my own directions. Fortune seems to be smiling on me though. In getting lost I was able to help a merchant whose escort had deserted her, and was rewarded with a truly wonderous artifact.

I saw her standing by the road. She was a Redgaurd; richly dressed, and wearing boots of netch leather that glowed brilliantly with contained magica. I asked her if she needed any help, and was surprised when she offered to give me the boots in return for guiding her to Gnaar Mok. Since I was fairly well lost at the time anyway and knew it would be easier to find my way to Gnaar Mok, and from there to here, I would have taken her for free. As it turns out the boots were a tremendous help to me.

When we reached Gnaar Mok I was considering. I was not sure I could reach the farm before sunset, and fairly certain I would not find it in the dark. I was almost resigned to seeking the hospitality of the Dreugh-gigger's rest for the night. Then Pemenie gave me my reward, which she called the boots of blinding speed. I think she expected me to return them, as they are clearly cursed. 'Blinding' indeed. Fortunately my brestplate has potent resistance to such deviltry and countered that part of the boots' enchantment. I could run like the wind!

And I did. All the way here, to the house of Drulene Falen. Tomorrow I will escort her into Ald-ruhn. As it turns out she knows Neminda herself. She will tell her not only of the services I freely rendered to her the last time I passed this way, but will refer her to a couple of the local guards. The tomb of their ancestors had been desecrated by the bandits that were plaguing the area; bandits who felt the swift justice of my spear. With Drulene, this family, Telvayn by name, and my other witnesses, I am sure that Neminda will relent.


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ah the BoBs (Boots Of Blinding Speed), memories. keep up the gud work

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