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Thursday, September 22, 2005

49: Hireling of the Redorans

Neminda has relented. She has accepted me into the house, but as predicted I have been given a task that clearly serves little purpose but to test my loyalties. Tomorrow I will depart for Ald Velothi to deliver a simple potion; a potion to cure a disease that I could very likely cure myself with a spell. Clearly I could task Edwinna's able apprentice with this delivery, but the opportunity is to present myself to the Redorans throughout the district as a member of the house.

Hassour and Ienas had apparently already spoken to Neminda before we arrived, but I think it was Drulene who really changed her mind. Listening to the Dunmer herder praising me for my efforts on her behalf brought back memories of the Bosmer bandits and the tomb that they had taken shelter in. When a Redoran guard came in, removed his helmet, and thanked me for dispatching the bandits and ending the desecration of his family's ancestors it brought tears to my eyes, and all I could choke out was "I'm sorry I didn't get there sooner."

"You should have seen him that day, Neminda," Drulene said. "You have proven yourself time and again as a kinsman to the Redorans, but that day Arvil Bren could have been a Dunmer himself. I never thought I would see anyone who did not have Velothi blood understand us so well. I would think it an honor that he wishes to join your house."

"Our house?" said the guard. Then he turned to me. "You are joining House Redoran?"

"I hope to. The circumstances of my arrival in Vvardenfell are casting some doubts."

"Neminda," said the guard, "I am the eldest of four surviving Telvayns. Our family has served honorably with House Redoran for generations, and my brothers and I are all serving with the guard now, and renowned for our skills. I have seen this man wield a spear. He would be a credit to the house." Seeing my puzzled expression he continued quietly to me "I was coming to your aid one day as a cliff racer glided silently to the attack over the temple rooftop. My assistance was clearly not required. I actually spent many days learning the spin move you used. Skill with the spear is highly valued in our house."

The Redguard sighed. "Arvil Bren, you have obviously made quite an impression. Will you take the oath as a hireling of House Redoran? Know that you will be watched, and Berel Sala in particular will be very sensitive about any contact with Imperial spies."

"I will take this oath, and henceforth I will consider the benefit of House Redoran in my every action."

"Too much talk Arvil Bren," said Neminda. "Here you shall be weighed by your actions, not your words. Welcome to House Redoran."

The guard, eldest of the Telvayn brothers, clapped me on the back, said a hasty good-by, and went back to his duties. Neminda handed me the potion and gave me my instructions. Then Drulene set out to do some shopping. I got her a room at the Ald Skar Inn. The apprentice, Orrent Geontene, will meet her there in the morning to escort her home.


Anonymous Random said...

Great Post. You can tell that Arvil is an emotional guy. It would certainly be an emotional moment if that actually occured in the game. By the way you missed day 48

8:59 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

Well that was daft. Day 48 is now in place...thanks for the heads up.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Bravo 1 said...

Thanks for the "extra" post, it really made my day. :)


PS - Looks like word verification has been added to the comments. Kudos to whoever is responsible for this... hopefully it'll be a good bot deterent.

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