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Friday, April 13, 2012

So, things are a bit dusty around here.  More than a bit actually.  Apologies to those who apparently thought I had died.  I didn't, obviously.  I did fall off the internet for a year or two, and when I reappeared Arvil Bren's fate was pretty far from my mind.

During that time my son mentioned more than once that Arvil Bren seemed to be immortal.  He talked me into doing a search, and I was pretty much awed to find people still talking about Arvil Bren on various forums.  Those conversations seemed to always start with one person stumbling in here, then leading in some group of readers, a discussion of the complexities of navigating the story, then ending badly with laments that it was unfinished.  Oddly enough, someone even reformatted the whole thing into e-book format for downloading to Kindle things.  They also lamented about the abrupt non-ending.

So, I am doing two things.

First, I'm reformatting the existing story into a clear chronological order on a site well suited to the task called  You can find it here.  Good news is that I'm re-proofing and doing some minor editing during the transition, bad news might be that the story will no longer be illustrated.  Other possibly good news is that between and a sister site called access to everything I write on the web will be accessible to anyone interested.

Second, I'll be finishing Arvil's story.  No promise as to how long that will take, and definitely no promise to work on it with the single-mindedness that I had before, but I will get it done.  It won't be done here, or in single day updates.  You will see that the reformat is in forty day blocks and that's how the conclusion will be done.

I guess that's it. has a review function.  Drop a word to let me know Arvil does still have readers.




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