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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Day Fourteen: Day in the lab

Tomorrow looks like a great day for a trip to Balmora. I put some coin in my pocket today; more than enough to cover expenses. I spent the long afternoon in my laboratory resting weary feet. I have completed tasks to report, goods to sell, and questions to ask. I have secured my door with the usual measures and look forward to a sound sleep, hopefully uninterrupted by the Dark Brotherhood.

I was awakened before dawn this morning by the settling mists of the Bitter Coast. While I enjoyed my night out of doors I don't think I want to make a habit of it. I skewered a fresh mudcrab for breakfast and set to rummaging the island for useful plants. By mid-morning I had explored most thoroughly and also stuffed my pack. To my surprise I found that I was sharing the island with what I assume is a smuggling operation. A well concealed cave on the north end of the island showed signs of recent occupation. Among other things to be done in Balmora I want to find out from Caius and Nine-Toes exactly what the Blades stance on smugglers is. I may come back and try to join them, or I might try raiding their cave.

With my bulging pack I headed across the water for home, making a fairly quick trip of it. While I was not actively hunting, the regular swamp denizens were, and I did add slightly to my already burdensome load. I also had a chance to use another of my newly learned applications of the mystic arts, which went surprisingly well. One of the soul gems I picked up is now charged with the life force of a cliff racer. Although it is of limited power this gem can now be used to enchant a weapon or other item. I will definitely check with Galbedir the enchantress tomorrow when I arrive at the guild hall to see what can be made of this.

The afternoon passed peacefully and profitably. I am becoming more skilled at refining my invigorating elixers, and sold half a dozen flasks to Arrille when I went to the tradehouse for dinner. Making large batches of potions of course makes for some lulls, and I spent those well experimenting with the wide array of plant, animal, and mineral substances that I have found to contain some trace elements of magic. The most interesting effect I found today came from a combination of juices from the meat of a nix-hound and one of the fungi I collected for Ajira. This odd concoction heightened my magical sense to a shocking degree, lending the mundane substance of the world a degree of transparency through which enchanted items shone clearly. I'm sure this will be most useful in my future tomb raids, as any locked or secret compartment containing an enchanted item will be clearly revealed. What I brewed up today had such limited range that I opted to sell it to Arrille, but noted the recipe for future refinements. Perhaps I will upgrade some of my laboratory equipment.

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day, and I will enjoy resting in my own cot tonight. This trip to Balmora may be more than an overnight stay.


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