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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Day Nineteen: A new home

Tonight I am once again sleeping in the security of a ship at sea. It is not as comfortable this time. The shipmaster Valveli Arelas runs a tight ship, but the Priggage is open hulled. I will be bedded down between the thwarts, hoping against the rain. I will probably be a regular passenger, so I'm hoping this first journey goes well.

When I awoke this morning at the Druegh-jigger's Rest I was already considering the possibilities presented by Gnaar Mok. It is so remote that it seems an ideal place to stay out of the path of the Dark Brotherhood. It was a thought, but there were obviously immediate problems with it. The hospitality of the Rest was certainly good...For a night. Probably even for a short stay. Balan the scout and Hinald the pawnbroker had warmed to me nicely even if Wadarkhu was still gruffly tolerant at best. But the Rest could be looked upon as a guild hall for the Thieve's Guild. Unofficial, as is always the case, but already spoken for as a place to reside. Hinald definitely lives there, and for the most part so does Wadarkhu when not on his boat. Without joining the guild I'm sure my welcome would run out quickly.

As I enjoyed the camaraderie this morning I gave some consideration to joining the guild, but again that would conflict with my ultimate aims. It is also clear that the Thieve's Guild is deeply embroiled in a turf war with the Cammona Tong. In Gnaar Mok this isn't just something to consider, it's an every day fact of life that has to be dealt with, and in general there is a consensus that the Thieve's Guild has no chance. The guild has always relied on smooth and skillful operations, and is poorly equipped for a battle with the well established Tong. Even though I will not be joining the guild I will be taking some of the pressure off of my new friends.

Gnaar Mok is located at the narrow waist of a small island, and is connected to the mainland by rough planks for those who want to keep their feet dry, or a short wade for those who don't. In keeping with my guise as a simple hunter I explored the island. I moved carefully at the southern end, site of a cave known as Shurinbaal. This cave is an operating center for smugglers, smugglers who are beholden to the Cammona Tong if not members outright. Enriching myself at their expense would also start shifting the balance in favor of the guild. I took a wary survey and moved on. Now I have to consider whether keeping my own peace with the Tong might be more prudent if I'm going to stay in residence.

Staying in Gnaar Mok became much more attractive in the early afternoon when I discovered an uninhabited shack on a small island to the seaward side of the village proper. The shack is sorely run down, and the mystery of what became of the prior inhabitant may call for some further looking into, but the convenience of his departure is too good to overlook. I placed my magical marker inside, and will use that to transport my laboratory and other possessions from Seyda Neen. Arriving by teleportation in such a remote location should make me very difficult to track.

For now, a good night's sleep.


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