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Friday, December 24, 2004

Day Fifteen: Student of history

As I write I cannot help but wonder if this journal can convey even a faint echo of the power of knowledge that surrounds me tonight. I am sitting in the library of the Mage's Guild hall in Balmora with my head bursting with newfound knowledge. I am exhausted in mind and body, but strangely energized as well.

I arrived by the early morning strider, and quickly made my way here to deliver Ajira's mushrooms. She was very grateful, and presented me with healing potions, exactly what I needed most! Her skills do not yet match Tyermaillin's, and these are not as powerful as his, but they will surely be useful and I expressed my own deepest gratitude to her. As I had hoped she also gave a glowing recommendation to her mentor, and Ranis Athrys has promoted me to Apprentice rank.

I made the rounds, greeting my fellows and receiving their congratulations and expanding what I hope to eventually call friendships. The diversity of the guild is truly a joy, with Khajiit and Bosmer, Dunmer and Imperial, even an Orc, all working together. My own Breton heritage seems to complement the mix and they certainly make me welcome. I picked up good advice for my first major project here in the city as well, and then spent the rest of the day on that; learning more about the assassins that plague my steps.

The Dark Brotherhood, I have found, has a deeply bitter enemy in an organization called the Morag Tong. The Morag Tong is also a guild of assassins for hire, however they operate only here in Morrowind and are governed by a tight body of ancient customs as well as law. To my surprise they are completely legitimate under Morrowind law and operate openly here in Balmora from a guild house in the best part of town. I went there with some trepidation, but ended up spending most of the day with Gilyan Sedas, a well mannered Dunmer who is far more openly friendly to an outlander such as myself than many that I have met. When I asked his trade he answered with complete nonchalance that he is indeed an assassin. He is quite proud of his standing in the Morag Tong, and excellent company.

With Gilyan's assistance I successfully marketed the black armor to every armorer in town, completely draining their coffers. In all three shops as they were making repairs, I noted that minor alterations were being made. In every case there was no intention to resell the fine black mail. Every armorer in Balmora is now clad in as much of the Dark Brotherhood chain as they could afford, leaving me with a full set for myself, some extra pieces, and a substantial weight of gold coin. Through the day Gilyan also taught me a great deal about how to take best advantage of this light armor, and I am wearing most of a set under my formal robes now.

This evening I spent reading here in the hall. Prompted I suppose by being in the Emperor's service, I was inclined to study some Imperial history, and on a couple of recommendations took up k'Thojj's 'Brief History of the Empire'. Brief is of course relative, and this work of four volumes would merit more than an evening's study for a historian. For a former villain forcibly retired into His Majesty's intelligence corps an evening was sufficient. I have a feel for how Uriel Septim VII came to be the emperor and the forces that would keep him there or remove him. I also noted that on more than one occasion the Dark Brotherhood was instrumental in the imperial succession. Clearly the ties that bind me, the Emperor, and the assassins guild have a weight of history behind them.

I feel safe sleeping here tonight, but wonder if even the security of the guild hall will be sufficient if the higher ranks of the Dark Brotherhood come to bear upon me.


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