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Friday, January 07, 2005

Day Twenty-five: All the comforts

It's good to have a home. Even if it is a ragged shack on a rickety pier in the absolute middle of nowhere. Given the complications of my life I think that's actually all to the advantage. It may not be much, but my shack is coming to contain everything I need. And let's face it, the price was right.

As I continue to explore the local area, which is of course mostly water, it becomes easier to think the previous occupant met a bad end. From the number of empty bottles and a note he left it is pretty obvious he was a heavy drinker, and had some long term problems that would lead him to take to the water. And the water around here is too dangerous to be roaming drunkenly around. It is fortunate the dreugh can't get out of the water. I saw a number of them today as I explored the bay between Gnaar Mok and the barrier isles. Between diving for pearls and collecting dreugh wax a man could get fairly wealthy here.

After a long swim I crawled ashore on the main island and visited what I am now calling my storage area. I'm sure the Cammona Tong would not be pleased at the reference, but it was dusk and the clouds had closed in so I am sure I was unseen entering Shurinbaal. I loaded out most of the armor and transported myself home. I planned on practicing on some of the worn armors, but used up my kits repairing the points on my devil spear and halberd. Being my own smith in the remote wilderness is more challenging than I expected.

On a brighter note my enchanting lab came together quite nicely. I bagged a few cliff racers and charged up some petty gems, and this evening set to work. I was very pleased when my first effort produced a working pair of levitation boots! They are not as powerful as my spell so I will move much less quickly, and the duration is not as long, but like any enchanted item they trigger with a one word incantation, so I can count on them keeping me from a nasty fall when my spell wears off, and for quick elevation changes onto rooftops or balconies.

While it is good to have a home, I cannot get too comfortable. By all accounts the Dark Brotherhood does not give up, and eventually I will be found. I am also noticing that somehow being here in Morrowind has shifted my view of the Empire. The Imperial rule that I felt as oppressive in High Rock and rebelled against reigns here. But seeing it from the other side I see the good in it, and the good it served in my homeland as well. Tomorrow I will travel to Balmora and meet with Caius. It's time to find out what the Empire requires of me.


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