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Friday, April 08, 2005

Day Ninety: Regroup and research

Amazing how often what is intended to be a lie turns into the truth. I created the cover story that I was holed up in Ald-ruhn doing research to mislead any Dark Brotherhood assassin that might be looking for me, and now I am holed up in Ald-ruhn doing research. Actually I used the guild guide late this evening, so I'm sleeping in Balmora; safely off the target I hope.

I got up early this morning and hauled my collected silver weapons off to Mebestien's shop. He was disappointed that I didn't have another load of Dwemer artifacts for him, but satisfied when I allowed him a good price for the swords. That weight off my shoulders I set out for Balmora, with my healing shield and well worn levitation boots. Not my most effective armor, but I will have need of their enchantments.

I maintained my cover by slipping invisibly through the streets of Balmora to the guild hall. By entering through the upper door I spared any passersby the mystery of a door opening by itself, though I did surprise Galbedir when I appeared suddenly in her lab. Ranis was pleased with my report of Tashpi's demise, though I hate to think what will happen if she ever finds out the truth. Edwinna was not as pleased to see me when I transported to Ald-ruhn, since I had to admit I had not gotten anywhere near her Dwemer ruin. She is forgiving though, and understands the occasional need to teleport to safety.

The rest of the day I spent with Hassour Zainsubani. When he heard that Sul-Matuul was considering making me a clanfriend he was impressed. When he heard about the initiation rite I was facing he was dubious. "You will be sorely tested Arvil Bren," he said, and shook his head.

One thing that emerged from our conversation is the difference between an Ashland clan burial cavern and the tombs of the settled Dunmer families that I am already familiar with. I had not considered that the Urshilaku clan, not just a single family, has been using that cavern for possibly hundreds of generations. I can expect that it will be a gigantic underground complex. It was likely a huge cavern to start with, and has had many vaults and chambers added to it. When I described the tunnel I had already explored, which has a chamber on each side high above the floor, Hassour suggested those were likely the original burial vaults, abandoned and unused for millennia. Suitable for discarding the remains of intruders. Hassour didn't say that it was a likely place for me to end up, but I'm sure it crossed his mind.

There are three broad challenges that the Urshilaku ancestors will present. Obviously, this is a test of courage. To face possibly hundreds of undying guardians is daring taken to the border of madness. Also obviously, it challenges all my skill and endurance. Hassour says the undead will reform ranks behind me. If I teleport myself out I will have to start as if I had never entered the caverns, and I will not be able to rest inside. The third challenge is a test of greed. The skeletal warriors will bring their silver weapons from the plane of the dead. If the riches call me they will weigh me down long before I reach the deeper caverns, and again, to leave is to start over.

If this is what the Ashlanders require of their friends, what will they demand of the Nerevarine?


Anonymous Fejijar said...

Heyya. It's me again. Just wanted to comment on your incredible stamina with writing these entries. 90 days into the game, and you haven't stopped writing yet - You've got some serious dedication, and I admire that. I tend to check this page every single day, even on weekends, when you don't update, and it's been a great ride so far. Here's hoping you finish his saga! And that you write about the expansion packs, too. Obviously you've got tribunal installed here - Or that's how it appears to me - but Bloodmoon offers some interesting stories to look into as well. Thanks for keeping me, and plenty of others, entertained! It's been an honor reading your work.

- The Fej

2:18 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Good to hear from you again...and always great to hear from a regular reader.

I was a late arrival on the Morrowind scene, and got the 'game of the year' edition with both expansions included. I will keep writing as long as there's an audience...with comments like this how could I stop.

10:39 AM  

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