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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Nine: A complaint put to rest

I rose before dawn and slipped quietly out of the hall, and the canton. Though the great skylights let plenty of light into the plaza it is still indoors, as is the entire city of Vivec. It always surprises me how few people I see on the walkways and bridges between the cantons. I suppose it is possible for many people to live their lives completely inside their home canton, but why would they? The air was brisk, with a hint of mist rising from the bay. I strolled down the ramps, whistling to myself.

Of course, saying that I seldom see people out and about leaves out the Ordinators. They patrol the ramps, decks, and causeways, constantly on the watch. With the three great houses maintained in separate cantons, and the foriegn quarter in another it is often useful to know who is moving about I'm sure. For example, me, the Archmage of the Mage's Guild, making an appearance on the decks of the Telvanni compound was a noteworthy event. I made sure I was noticed.

The Telvanni have the easternmost canton in the city, and I leaned against the railing of the upper deck watching the sun rise. It didn't take long for me to be questioned. The Ordinator took a casual stance leaning on the rail next to me. "Good morning Archmage," he began. When I returned his friendly greeting he continued. "Enjoying the sunrise?"

"Yes indeed. I like the view here. From the foriegn quarter this canton obstructs half the horizon. I'm glad you are about. Having my back turned to the Telvanni does make me a bit nervous. With my new position they seem to not like me much."

"Wizards," he snorted. "Oh. No offense." I nodded with a grin. "It's just that not many wizards seem to have much respect for the law. The Telvanni usually settle their differences with a duel, and their council takes no action at all. You are right to be nervous about them."

"Well, I did pick a spot as far from any exit doors from the canton as I could."

"Wise choice. Not much stirring at this time of day either. No fights on my watch," he said with severity. I agreed again, and he resumed his patrolling.

As soon as he turned the far corner I was over the edge, cloaked in the chameleon spells of my amulet. I landed on the waistworks deck is a crouch and scurried to the door. No way to check the corridor inside. I cracked open the door and was relieved to find it empty. I hid the spare robe I was carrying in a planter and made a hasty exit, levitating back to the upper deck and returning to the rail. Once the sun was full up I strolled back to the foriegn quarter, arriving just as the businesses began stirring to life for the day.

In the afternoon no one questioned my wanderings through the foriegn quarter. The Ordinators might have had they seen me dropping into the sewer tunnels beneath the canton, but they didn't see me. No ebony mail today; I stripped off my robes to uncover the thin black mesh of the Dark Brotherhood and dropped into the murky water protected by alteration magic. The gratings gave way easily, and I was soon in the clearer depths of the bay. I weighted the robe with a rock and made my way to the Telvanni compound unseen.

Finding a grating loose enough to be worked open took some time, but soon enough I stood dripping on the edge of a channel with the Telvanni canton looming overhead. I climbed a nearby ladder and cautiously lifted the trap door. The way was clear and I slipped over the lip into the canalworks level. I used my amulet sparingly, slipping quietly through the corridors and stairs. As expected, Galuro Belan's shop was on the waistworks level. Fortunately it lies at the end of a lightly trafficked side passage. I retrieved my robe from the planter and stopped outside her shop to put it on.

"The Archmage of the outlander guild," she sneered as I entered the shop. "Get out."

"But what if I need a potion?" I asked. "Surely you would expect me to use nothing less than the best, and I hear the alchemists in the foriegn quarter are...lacking." I dropped one of the leaflets on her worktable.

"They are certainly not up to Telvanni standards," she hissed. "That's too bad for you though. Your business I do not need. I'm surprised you got this far into our compound without being run out."

"Not so surprising," I said. "No one saw me." I cast a locking spell on the door. "No one will ever know I was here."

Her jaw dropped. "This is no business of yours!" she cried, snatching up the leaflet.

"But it is. Frernis is in the guild; my guild. So her business is my business. Slandering her you slander me. If you were in my guild also then I would have a problem figuring out what to do, but if you slandered another Telvanni we both know what would happen. Honor is very fluid in your house, but they would kill you if they could. I can." I brought my staff ready as she saw the inevitable and rushed towards me with magica gathering in her hands.

Telvanni are highly skilled in the ways of magica, but Belan was, after all, just a shopkeeper. Her spells scorched, but did not char; chilled, but did not freeze. Two blows from the Archmage staff and she was reduced to a smoking heap. I burned the leaflet, dropping the ashes to mingle with her remains.

A quick intervention spell and I appeared, the composed Archmage of Vvardenfell, before the entry to the High Fane temple. I greeted the watchful Ordinator cheerfully, then entered the nearby Hall of Justice. I was visiting with Elam Andas, the officer of the watch, when the report of the murder came in. "Looks like you are suddenly busy my friend," I said. "I'll leave you to it."

He sighed. "Telvanni roast each other on a regular basis," he said.

I enjoyed the walk back to the foriegn quarter.


Blogger Fahrradd said...

Very Sneaky. Can't get enought of this stuff, it's such great reading. Keep up the good work!

Can't wait for tommorrow

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Arthmodeus said...

I like how you didn't antagonize the Ordinators. I realize now that they're people too and not bloodthirsty opressors. Awesome entry!


4:58 PM  
Anonymous nivekclough said...

wow... our archmage can make a good assassin when he puts his mind to it. But I wonder if he'll feel guilty over this latest kill (in such cold blood) or has he hardened to such things? only time will tell.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent writing, as always.

It seems everything is taking its toll on poor Avril.. He's becoming colder and colder.

- Llothlian

6:39 PM  
Anonymous mikekearn said...

I love the sneaky, stealth stuff. Playing an assassin class was always my favorite, and though I always had a soft spot for magic too, seeing this was a thrill. Excellent work, as usual.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Gothos said...

This journal has earned the place of honor on my bookmarks toolbar.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great little.... well really big and awsome blog you have here. I feel sorry for poor Arvil Bren. I'm now starting to wonder that if my character were actually real how long his cheery bardic attitude would last in the land of Morrowind. Seeing poor Arvil, I doubt any sane person would be able to actually go through this mentally unharmed. Nice little twist for the slandering!

The great bard, Christien Alophae.

11:40 AM  

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