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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

52: Patron

Today felt like it would never end. I have been to every corner of Vvardenfell, and have no actual accomplishments to show for it. I suppose that given the way my life has gone since arriving in Vvardenfell getting through an entire day without drawing a weapon is an accomplishment in itself. Unique anyway.

I visited each of the halls today, reviewing the reports with my stewards. Released from the petty assignments of my predecessor the guild is prospering. I am hoping that our growth in numbers and influence will keep the Telvanni in check until I can get myself settled as the Redoran Hortator. It will be difficult to approach them if open conflict has broken out between them and the guild. Skink in Sadrith Mora is keeping a sufficiently close watch and I believe he can give sufficient warning should things boil over with them.

I took this tour by use of the guild guides and kept Edwinna apprised of my whereabouts so that Neminda would be able to find me. When the silt strider arrived this morning I went to her first. Upon scanning the report I delivered she suggested that I be prepared to meet with Lord Arobar.

She was very pleased that I had gotten the potion into Theldyn Virith's hands so quickly. Apparently, it was for a member of the Arvel family. I gather that most of the Arvels are loyal to House Hlaalu, and the branch in Ald Velothi gives some occasional insight into what the Hlaalu might be up to. Taking care of them is important for the information they provide, and the hope that they can sow dissatisfaction among their Hlaalu kin.

Being a member of the Redoran house, though not of any great rank, I have begun to hear rumors that I'm sure would be kept much quieter otherwise. The council is clearly considering a movement in force to take Caldera. They are looking for evidence of some sort of mismanagement that they can provide to the Empire. Without that it is possible that the Imperial Legions could be involved, which would be a serious problem. Though Redoran warriors are widely respected for their individual skills, the cooperative combat style of the legions would likely overwhelm them. I should get used to saying 'overwhelm us'.

Finding such evidence would obviously be a great service to the house. It would also be a great boost if I can say that the information came courtesy of the guild. Madila Indaren in Caldera could not offer any glowing success, unfortunately. There are leads being followed though, that I hope will bear fruit soon.

As the day wore on I kept checking back with Edwinna. Late this afternoon as I stepped off the guild guide's platform in Ald-ruhn I could hear Edwinna saying "That's probably him now." The main room of the guild hall lies below ground level, and has a balcony all the way around on the ground level. I looked over the railing to see a distinguished looking Dunmer in the rich red jacket of a council page.

I followed the page into the manor district, under the great shell of the emperor crab. Lord Arobar's manor is apparently like most Redoran construction, mostly below ground. The great arched entry chamber is, I suspect, the only room that is actually 'under skar'. It is magnificent. Lord Arobar greeted me warmly. His luxurious red robes were topped with fearsomely spiked shoulder plates of bonemold armor.

The first topic of our discussion, of course, was the Ashlander situation in Ald Velothi. After balancing the realities against some of the hetman's overly optimistic reports the discussion turned naturally to Red Mountain. "Eventually the Ashlanders will want to get back to their own lands, their own lifestyles," I said.

"How? The blight gets worse every day it seems. The ashstorm while you were gone was the worst I've ever seen."

"Lord Arobar," I said, "I am proud to have been accepted in this house, and I know that I have to prove myself, but I'd like to suggest something. The temple is going to need help. We, all of us, will have to face Dagoth Ur...and defeat him."

"That is...Inevitable I suppose. Not something you should suggest too widely though Arvil Bren. To suggest that is to suggest a hero to lead us, and in suggesting it you are suggesting yourself as that hero. There are those on our council who to such a thing. But others will not be...they will accept no leader but themselves."


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Very nice as always!

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What ever happened to the temple though..... nice as always though. supensfull as usual..

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