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Monday, February 27, 2006

21: A mistake with good results

Once the storm cleared it was an easy jog over the mountains into the West Gash. Lord Ramoran's territory is certainly more inviting than mine. Trees and grasses replaced the sand and thornbushes of the Ashlands. I would not trade for the political challenges though. I thought to get some insight into those challenges before approaching the Hetman, Abelmawia, by visiting Baladas Demnevanni. I should have known better.

When I asked Baladas if he had heard anything about a tax revolt he immediately said no, but there was a slight catch in his voice and a grin that led me to press him. "Well, I don't think it has anything to do with your Redoran taxes, since I don't pay them," he said.

"You don't?"

"No. Since this tower is technically a Velothi artifact my taxes go directly to the Emperor," he said and paused, then finished "when I pay them." After a little coaxing the curmudgeonly wizard admitted that most times when the legion sent someone to collect from him he locked them in the dungeon. General Darius apparently has tax revolt problems of his own. The swirling currents of Vvardenfell politics crash together in a veritible malestrom in Gnisis.

"Well, I'm no great fan of the Imperial Legion," I said with a smile, "nor the Empire in general for that matter."

"Ah, but Arvil you are the Archmage of the imperial guild. How could you say such a thing about your noble leader, whom we are all honored to serve?"

"Sarcasm Baladas?" I said with a chuckle. "Such a well known spokesman for Great House Telvanni should probably be more careful, you could be misunderstood. Fortunately I know that the Telvanni are fully supportive of the Emperor in all that he does."

"Arvil, you need a few more centuries of practice before you try to challenge me. Perhaps if I had met some of your Breton ancestors in my youth...or were they still living in caves then? Unfortunate that your brief mortal span gives you no chance of actually developing your wit, you show glimmers of promise."

We laughed together as friends do, which would no doubt be a surprise to so many in our various orders. Telvanni and Redoran, Dunmer wizard and Imperial Archmage; we cross many boundaries. In the moment I took a chance on testing our friendship with one more boundary, that between Great House glory and Ashlander tradition.

"I may have more time than you would expect, Baladas," I said, bringing my tone into a more serious note.

He caught the change and looked at me, intensity narrowing his gleaming red eyes. "What?"

"I'm looking ahead to a long life Baladas, a very long life."

"How long do you have in mind?"

"Well, if I can avoid some violent demise something like forever," I said quietly.


"It's Azura's gift," I said, drawing my hand from my pouch, where I had slipped on the ring.

"Moon and Star," he gasped.

We talked far into the night. He agrees that I took the wise course by going first to the Redorans, though he wishes there had been some way that I could have chosen House Telvanni. Once I have been named Hortator by House Redoran he will support my petition to House Telvanni. Of course once again I am confronted by the question of who is really helping who. Telvanni councillors do not share a city like the Redorans, because most of them are locked in ancient blood feuds with each other. Having Baladas' support doesn't mean I won't have to kill most of his rivals to get his house behind me.


Anonymous mikekearn said...

At least some support behind Arvil is better than no support at all. I remember having to "remove" the opposition.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Mikekearn:
I like to listen to the crazy lady rambling on about the spiders...


3:20 PM  
Anonymous rarr said...

This is the sort of post I, at least, especially like. The action-adventure type post is nice once in awhile, but it's the ones where Arvil manages a nice bit of political manuevering that leave me satisfied.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous pferris said...

Excellent post - I have to agree with the psot above - while I love the action posts, these "slower" ones often advance the story better and give us more insight into our favourite breton

9:35 PM  

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