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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Day 102: Outlaw

I am now a fugitive! Fortunately the Telvanni are known more for fighting amongst themselves than for taking collective action. I should be able to slip back into Sadrith Mora and grease enough palms to take care of the problem. I doubt that I will be welcomed at Tel Vos though.

Tel Vos is the home of Master Aryon, a member of the Telvanni Counsel. His tower is a strange hybrid of Imperial stonework and the huge living plant materials that are characteristic of Telvanni construction. It seemed very strange as I approached across the grazelands, and my curiosity got the best of me. I did not realize until I saw the view from one of the towers that the usual cluster of supporting merchants and services is not connected to the tower itself, but lies some distance to the east.

I was in trouble. The Telvanni have clearly identified me. While a wandering mercenary might have been welcome, a magician of the Mage's Guild was not. I wasn't in the town, such as it is. I was in the main tower, where I clearly did not belong. And I was lost.

It seemed like it would be simple to go back down the winding staircase that had brought me to the top of the tower. Not simple enough though. I went out a door that I thought I had come in and found myself on a stone bridge to another tower instead of the ground. I opened the door to turn back, but the sound of boots on stone greeted me from below. Better to cross the bridge and try the other tower it seemed.

Looking back I could have just levitated down and fled without ever going back inside. I wish I had. When I entered the second tower I came face to face with a skeletal warrior. I drew my sword and the skeleton yanked a silver longsword from a ragged scabbard. As the silver blade sprang free papers scattered down the stair from a box the bony hands had dropped. An outraged voice shouted from below; something about the clumsiness of skeletons. A Telvanni guard, easily identified by his distinctive helm, turned the corner.

I had no way to know that the skeleton on the stair was merely summoned to cart a box for a guard with more magica than muscle. I really had no desire to fight the skeleton, or the guard, or the bonewalker that he rapidly conjured, but there was no way out but to fight it out. Fortunately the narrow stair kept the bizarre trio from getting behind me and I succeeded in cutting them down. As the guard fell in a heap I activated my amulet and blended into the shadows.

Other guards heard the commotion and were circling cautiously up the steps from below, so I went up. All I could do was hope there would be some way out. There was a door, thankfully. I paused, and dispelled the chameleon spell from my amulet. I reasoned that the stairwell had contained the sounds of conflict, but anyone on the other side of the door could not help but wonder at it swinging open. People who arrive cloaked in spells of concealment are seldom greeted as friendly visitors. Better to walk in nonchalantly. If it had led outside I could have reactivated the amulet and levitated away. No such luck.

"Here to see the museum outlander?" came the gruff greeting as I entered. "Yes, it is all dwarf make. You can look, but don't touch."

I was quite fascinated by the various armor pieces, weapons, and other artifacts that lie on various tables in the chamber, as well as a complete steam centurion that glowered from a corner. I also didn't want to look too hurried, as there were numerous heavily armored Telvanni retainers loitering about. But I had to get through before my pursuers burst through the door. I almost made it. A long straight stair descended ahead as the door burst open at the far end of the room. I took the steps three and four at a time.

A dunmer in a complete set of Dwemer armor came to look up the stairs. I shot past just as the cries of 'stop him' rang down from above. I swept across the chamber and crashed through a door. Thankfully I emerged into the sunlight. With quick words I activated my levitation boots and the amulet of shadows as I threw myself over a parapet and floated to safety.

I skirted the town and continued north. I should be very near the Ahemmusa camp. Tonight I am cold, but dare not light a fire. There may well be pursuit.


Anonymous Bravo 1 said...

Good job elaborating on the rivalries between the Telvanni and the Mages Guild. I've always found it odd that you can join (and eventually lead) both in the game... :P

Good though you need me tealling you that! ;)

12:35 PM  

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