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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Day Ninety-three:Tested

Many times today I wished I had not used my recall spell last night. Carrying the Bone-biter bow of Sul-Senipul might have given me passage out of the burial caverns past the rest of the Urshilaku ancestors, but I didn't think of that. It seemed easier to recall out and spend the night with Ahnassi. Definitely no complaint there, or overall, but it is a long trek back to the Urshilaku camp, especially since I didn't want to use the guild guide and pass through Ald-ruhn again without having started on Edwinna's assignment. Overall a hectic day of running, restoratives, and self defense. One would think this island would run out of cliff racers eventually.

I arrived at the Urshilaku camp after sunset, but not too late to be welcomed. Sul-Matuul was suitably astonished at my return. True to his word he accepted me as a clanfriend, offering the fullest hospitality of the camp, but he did not expect to see me again. According to the legend the Nerevarine is supposed to drive all the outlanders out of Morrowind. How an outlander could do that is pretty hard for him to get his head around. It's beyond me, and I've been thinking about it for a lot longer. I hoped to get an answer from the wise woman. Now that I am a clanfriend I was allowed to speak to her.

Nibani Maesa surprised me. I don't really forget that the Dunmer live for centuries, but I don't always think of the consequences. The words 'wise woman' bring an image of an aged crone, huddled in a robe three sizes too big for the shriveled body. Nibani is a beautiful, vibrant woman, despite having lived long enough to commit all the lore of the clan to memory. She seemed better able to deal with the idea of an outlander Nerevarine. Partly because I am not the Nerevarine.

The first thing she explained to me is that I am someone who might become the Nerevarine, but I am not now. The Urshilaku ancestors apparently accepted that I might and let me pass, but there are many more trials to be faced. The rise of the 'sleepers' and the Sixth House cult she takes as signs that the time of the Nerevarine has arrived. My arriving at the same time doesn't mean I'm the Nerevarine, but she is thinking that I may have some part to play.

I don't know if I even want that part to turn out to be as the Nerevarine. One of the prophecies is called 'The Seven Trials'. The first trial I completed just by being born on the right day, but the remaining trials are not even clearly understood. How am I supposed to pass them?

"Neither blight nor age can harm him. The curse-of-flesh before him flies." Nibani thinks 'curse of flesh' refers to the corprus disease. Maybe it means that the Nerevarine has to cure the corprus. Maybe it means he is immune to the corprus. Maybe it means that the Nerevarine returns as a ghost with no flesh.

"In caverns dark Azura's eye sees, and makes to shine the moon and star." This one Nibani seems to know something about, but wouldn't speak of it. There is a cavern called 'the Shrine of the Incarnate', but I'm not allowed to ask about it. She did tell me that Nerevar bore some sort of moon and star marking, but some people say it was a birthmark while others say it was a ring or other token. In any event I don't have it and since I can't ask about this shrine I see no way to get it.

"A strangers voice unites the houses. Three halls call him Hortator." At least this one is easy to figure out. Three of the five great houses are represented on Vvardenfell. In times of dire crisis the great houses suspend their usual rivalries and unite under the authority of a Hortator; a sort of war leader. Understandable, but clearly beyond me. House Hlaalu is basically under the control of the Cammona Tong. Those bigots are not going to accept an outlander Hortator. They hate all outlanders, and me more than most.

"A stranger's hand unites the Velothi. Four tribes call him Nerevarine." This has to refer to the four tribes of the Ashlanders. From what Hassour has said the other three tribes aren't even sure they believe in a Nerevarine. What would make them believe, and what would even begin to make them believe in an outlander Nerevarine?

"He honors blood of the tribe unmourned. He eats their sin, and is reborn." Nibani guesses that the 'tribe unmourned' would be house Dagoth, but it might be the Dwemer. As to atoning for the vast sins of either one she offers no clue.

"His mercy frees the cursed false gods, binds the broken, redeems the mad." 'False Gods' no doubt refers to the tribunal, but again there is no clue as to what they need to be free of. At last report Vivec is in his palace, not a prison, and the other two don't seem to be complaining either.

Whatever my part is, I have to think it does not involve passing these trials. What I can do is find what Nibani calls the lost prophecies. Caius and his contacts in the temple should be able to find a way to put me in touch with the dissident priests.


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