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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Day 103: Apprentice wise woman

Skink-in-trees-shade will get to meet a wise woman; almost a wise woman anyway. Hopefully Minabi will be sufficient for whatever it is he needs. Sinnammu, who is the actual wise woman of the Ahemmusa clan does not seem impressed with Minabi, but she is the best I can come up with.

When I arrived in the Ahemmusa camp I was met with more civility than I am accustommed to from Ashlanders. They are definately a more peaceful tribe. Sinnammu is a very highly regarded wise woman, even among the other clans, and she sets a tone of tranquility that is obvious throughout the camp. I think living in the pastoral grazelands instead of on the harsh ash slopes of Red Mountain probably helps as well. I don't know why Skink thought this would be a good place to set up a meeting for him though. Sinnammu is very highly regarded, and meeting with an Argonian mage, even if he is a guild steward, would fall far beneath her.

She was willing to send her apprentice Minabi though. She also doesn't seem too concerned about whether Minabi ever comes back. If she does come back I suspect she had better have gotten a different view of outlanders from her experiences. If I hadn't come along and interrupted her punishment she would still be stuck in the Favel Ancestral Tomb, with no likelihood of ever completing her assigned task.

I found Minabi crying in the tomb. I'm impressed that she actually got there. Following Sinnammu's directions from the camp and her advice I managed to skirt a small encampment that she warned was the home of some disenfranchised clan members who would certainly attack me. Three disillusioned surly Ashlanders she told me to avoid; but her directions led right through the heart of a huge complex of Daedric ruins. Maybe she thinks the ruins are still abandoned. They aren't. It is a thriving metropolis of trouble.

I crept through the ruins cloaked by my amulet, trying to avoid conflict; a failed affort. At least when my spell did not conceal me from a passing Dremora I had time to get my back against a sturdy wall of intricately carved stone. The dremora are Daedric servants. Their spirit gives very little subastance to a physical body, but conjures a full set of Daedric armor to encase the wispy form. My own Daedric blade was a match for this heavy mail, and I was able to dispatch the creature back to the Daedric plane. My own armor suffered greatly from the Dremora's weapon; a longsword. After the battle this mighty Daedric blade was all that remained of the creature. I grabbed it and fled, using a feather spell to support the great weight of it. The ruins are home to a host of Daedric and elemental monsters. I hid the sword in some bushes and made my escape, but it is far too valuable to abandon. I will have to go back for it tomorrow. I fear I may be too much like my adopted father; greed may be the death of me too.

Compared to the effort required to get there Minabi's task at the tomb seemed relatively easy, but she had not been able to get it done. The restless spirit of Kanit Ashurnisammis refused all her efforts to appease him. Perhaps as an ancestor of the tribe the ghost felt compelled to sustain her punishment. In any event, she could not leave the tomb until the spirit was settled, so I settled it. Cajoling and charms had not worked for her, but an enchanted Daedric blade is a great persuader. I hope Kanit is resting comfortably with the rest of the ancestors in the plane of the dead.

Once the ghost was dispatched Minabi was more forthcoming about how she had been given this unpleasant task. It explained some of the things Sinnammu had said about her attitude towards outlanders needing to change, though personally I like her attitude A runaway Telvanni slave had fallen into the even worse circumstance of being captured by the clan. Relations with the Telvanni are rocky at best, so returning the slave was not considered. Most of the warriors were in favor of making a rug out of him. Impressed by the slave's tales of the warm sands of his distant homeland, Minabi had helped him escape. Compassion for outlanders is apparently not an important characteristic to look for in a prospective wise woman.

I returned to the camp, giving the ruins a wide berth. Sinnammu was pleased that the spirit was sent to its rest, and also that I was willing to tell her the truth; that I had done it not Minabi. She will arrange appropriate transport to Sadrith Mora for her wayward apprentice.


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