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Friday, April 29, 2005

Day 105: Skink's respect

I got up this morning with no desire to face the day. Curled in Ahnassi's arms, her tail wrapped around my legs, I could have just chucked the whole world; Caius and his intrigues about the Nerevarine, the Mage's Guild and our incompetent Archmage, all of it. But I did get up and face another day. Somehow I'm sure Caius, Ranis, the Emperor, the Dark Brotherhood, or some other representative of fate would have found me anyway if I didn't.

I did enjoy a leisurely breakfast with Ahnassi, and Nelos and Maurrie at the Halfway before setting out. When Maurrie heard that I was heading into Telvanni territory she fairly begged me to stop in Tel Aruhn and see her friend Emusette. I agreed to do that, and I'm glad I did. A friendly face in Telvanni territory has taken on tremendous value. Emusette is a very capable mage. She treads a fine line. She is not a retainer of the Telvanni, but is not a member of the guild either. By living in Telvanni territory she does not draw the jealous attentions of the guild, and by not actually joining House Telvanni she avoids the infighting that seems a major part of their efforts. She sells potions and charms, and does training in spellcraft. I learned a little from her, but there was not much she could teach me in my specialty; the school of alteration magics. Perhaps I could find other independent trainers in the Telvanni villages who could teach me more. I may not have the skills to challenge the Archmage, but no one in the guild halls can teach me anything in my field any more either.

I had hoped that Skink-in-trees-shade could, and would, but his specialty is in the school of illusion, like my Blade friend Nine-toes. I suppose that comes more readily to Argonians, and the alteration of the elements is less important to them in their native swamps. They can breath water naturally, and have no interest in walking on it or levitating over it.

Skink definitely would train me if he could. He was extremely pleased with Minabi, who had already arrived by the time I made my way to Sadrith Mora this morning. She seemed very happy in the guild hall. I suspect this visit will have exactly the opposite effect that Sinnammu was looking for. Instead of developing a healthy distrust for Imperial ways Minabi may very well join the guild and never go back. Besides being a very skilled illusionist Skink is extremely charming. It doesn't take long with him to get past the scaly exterior and see that he is a good leader with a good heart.

He has been talking to Ranis. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say listening to Ranis. "There are those who say you could be the Archmage Arvil Bren," he said to me. "Trebonius knows nothing but destruction, which does not serve us well, but it would be wise to remember that he knows it very well indeed. We hear that you are as much warrior as mage though, and could pop the bag of wind with your spear quite handily." As seems to often be the case I had no idea what to say. He gave a low toned hiss that I had learned from Nine-toes was the Argonian equivalent of laughter. "That I must admit I would like to see, but we will keep that to ourselves for now."

"We were talking to Ranis about you to see if you are suitable for another delicate task that we have to get taken care of," he continued, changing the subject abruptly. Argonians always refer to themselves as 'we', and they do shift topics as rapidly as if there were more than one mind working in their reptilian heads. "She said that in many ways you are ideal for the task, but it is clear that we must do some more checking of facts first. One of our members has fled Telvanni territory. Reportedly she has taken up the dark arts of necromancy. If so that reflects badly on the guild and we should have her killed. But this is Telvanni territory, and there are many reasons to flee, and many who may not tell the true reasons after. Ranis says you would be very capable of taking care of this problem, but that we must be sure there is actually a necromancer to be dispatched. Let us make sure Arvil Bren. We will let you know."

So I am in Skink's good graces, and have no new duties to perform. It was the perfect opportunity to take the brief sail to Tel Aruhn and meet Emusette. Her training has given me in an evening what would have taken days of hard practice, and her hospitality is a refreshing break from the Telvanni. I cleared up my misunderstanding in Tel Vos with on officer of the guard before leaving Sadrith Mora, but there is a deep hostility towards the Mage's Guild that I will just have to live with.


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Waw... That's good. Pretty exciting to read your journal:P
And I think Ranis is very cool, so good to hear about her:)
Please continue

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