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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Day 117: The seventh grace

I rode back to Ald-ruhn on the silt strider this morning. This pilgrimage thing is a whole lot of walking and I was tired. I took the opportunity to read about the seventh and final pilgrimage of the seven graces, so when I saw Tuls Valen at the temple I felt like I was ready to go, and he agreed. A good thing as it turns out. I may not have time for Pilgrimages for a while.

When I left the temple I stopped in at the Mage's Guild hall. Since my arrival on the silt strider would be easily observed I wanted to give anyone who might be watching for me an obvious place to look. I expected the Dark Brotherhood to be looking for me. As it turns out someone else was. There was a message for me at the hall from Gildan.

Gildan is a Cyrodiil who lives in Ald-ruhn. If she lived in Balmora she would certainly have a problem with Ranis since she is not a guild member, but Edwinna is a little lax about recruiting members. As long as she isn't casting spells for hire or offering training Edwinna won't make any demands of Gildan. I think Gildan might be connected with the local thieve's guild in Ald-ruhn for cover, but her primary loyalty is to the Blades. I knew that a message to see her would most likely be a summons from Caius. It was.

Gildan and I discussed the situation at length. My cover in the Mage's Guild is a sword that cuts both ways. My high rank is starting to draw attention to my movements, especially when the guild guides are involved. Getting a message from Gildan and suddenly transporting to Balmora would bring undue attention to her, as well as raising questions about me. We agreed that departing as expected on the pilgrimage to Ghostgate then continuing on to Balmora on foot would be the best way to proceed. I will see Caius tomorrow.

Tonight I am again a guest in the Redoran hostel in the tower of dusk at Ghostgate. I have meditated in the temple and prepared myself for the offering at the shrine of pride, which lies right inside the great gates. The shrine of pride commemorates those who have served the temple in containing Dagoth Ur and his minions. In the morning I will complete the pilgrimage.


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