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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Day 109: Vivec's glorious water

I am sleeping again in the guild hall. Not that I feel terribly welcome, but I didn't want to give the staff the impression that Trebonius had succeeded in sending me packing. When I walked in he challenged me immediately. "Found the Dwarves yet?"

"No," I replied evenly.

"Then what are you doing back here? They aren't here." he challenged.

"This seems as good a place to look for answers as any Trebonius. Plenty of very knowledgeable mage's about that may be able to give me a clue. You for instance. Where would you start?" I know Trebonius is no researcher. He is a battlemage, not a scholar.

" thinking Arvil," he stammered. "You are right. The staff here is top notch. I am Archmage of Vvardenfell though and if I had time to sort out your little question I'd have done so, not given it to you." He turned on his heel and stalked into his chambers. Courtesy. The timing of this pilgrimage could not have been better. I am giving Trebonius nothing to charge me with, but gaining the respect of the headquarters mages in leaps and bounds. All without even beginning to think about the disappearance of the Dwemer.

All I thought about today was finding my way through the puzzle canal. The maze of passages is certainly confusing. They all look pretty much the same; arched stone tunnels with canals flowing down the center. Fortunately the rumor of Daedric servants guarding the place did turn out to be exaggeration, unless rats are serving the Daedra. There were plenty of rats.

The real puzzle came when I did find the center of the maze. At the heart of the puzzle canal is a great pool. I don't know if it is the source for the canals or if they feed into it somehow, but there is a lot of water; the water of Vivec's glory according to the inscription on a monument in the center. The monument stands on a platform rising above the waters of the great chamber. Stairs lead up to the platform on three sides. The fourth side faces a great opening in the outer wall, which is blocked by a field of pulsing energies that reminded me of the ghostfence. I levitated across, but could find no way through. The only clue was inscribed on the obelisk on the platform: "Breathe the waters of his glory and the way is made clear".

I sat on the top step and looked at the water. Waters of his glory? I had to assume this pool was the water, but when I fell into the pool upon entering the chamber I had cast my water breathing spell to walk to the stairs. I had already 'breathed the water' and no path had become clear. My previous pilgrimages played through my mind. Humility, daring, generosity; could they help me here? I walked into the water unprotected by spells and took a deep breath. I was sure that I was drowning, but I wasn't. I suppose since I've obviously never drowned I have no way of knowing if it would really be like that or not. In any event I did not drown.

When I emerged from the water the barrier was cleared from the opening in the wall, and a bridge extended across from the platform. I marveled at the show of power. The bridge was not some wispy construct, but seemed to be solid stone. To create that much stone out of thin air in an instant; I shuddered at the thought. Looking back, I have no way to be sure, but it seems more feasible to think the bridge was there all along, veiled by illusion.

I entered the protected chamber and climbed another massive staircase. At the top of the stairs I met Krazzt. The Dremora was courteous, as could only be expected I suppose. "Is that sword for me?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied, as I handed it over. "Without it would you be unarmed?"

"Such is my fate," he said. "Some come here who are not honorable, and they dispatch me to the realm of Daedra; but I return. Some feel the need to battle me after giving me a sword, as Vivic battled Mehunes Dagon. Some of those win. Some of those lose. No matter; I end up back here. All that you need to do to complete the pilgrimage and receive the blessing is read the inscription there." He pointed to a shrine that stood near the back wall of his chamber.

I read. Once again the powerful magic of the Tribunal Temple impressed me. A water breathing spell, combined with a spell to give free movement in water fell upon me. I turned to Krazzt. "If this lasts as long as the other blessings I could swim to the mainland."

"Perhaps you should. The power beneath Red Mountain stirs. The dremora have respect for the tribunal, particularly Vivec, and I am here in representation of that, but the Daedra have not forgotten the ashy taste of defeat. War is coming outlander. Swim home while you can.

I shook hands with the Daedric wisp contained in the mighty armor. He did not remove his gauntlet, obviously.

I didn't swim to the mainland. I did swim around the bay surrounding Vivec City for the rest of the day. The freedom of movement was amazing, my armor felt buoyant, and I could swim as easily as walk. The trail of slaughterfish left in my wake was a testament to the difference powerful magic can make. As the surface of the water overhead darkened I crawled ashore near the docks and crossed the bridge into the foreign quarter canton.


Blogger frootat31 said...

How delightful the way you mesh the pilgrimmages to the rest of Arvil's life. I read your posts and am reminded of the very same thoughts when I was playing these parts. lol Not many however. You have some great original ideas. Great job.

6:17 AM  
Blogger Scott Hanson said...

Having a constant effect water breathing ammulet really threw a wrench into this part of my story! Good story writing!

9:43 AM  

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