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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Day 113: The coming war

I spent the day like a Telvanni wizard; isolated in a high tower. Baladas seems eccentric to me and to the local folk in Gnissis, but among the Telvanni his reclusive lifestyle is the norm. Getting past his summoned daedroth earned me a brief audience. A promise to share unique knowledge is the only thing that gained me an ally.

Like all Telvanni, Baladas is opposed to the dissemination of magical knowledge and products to the common public. In Morrowind the long lives of the Dunmer give almost everyone the opportunity to pick up a few spells, but the Telvanni wizards have devoted themselves to centuries of study and they guard their secrets jealously. The assimilation of Morrowind into the empire brought the Mage's Guild, with its more commercial view of magica. There is a basic difference of view between the Telvanni and the guild that may be impossible to reconcile.

I had hoped that I could find among the Telvanni a master of alteration magic who would teach me. Baladas conceded that there might be such masters, but the animosity of the Telvanni towards the guild would be an insurmountable obstacle. Even in their remote towers the Telvanni counselors are aware of my rise within the ranks of the guild. Soon I can expect to be banned from Telvanni territory.

Baladas himself would not have anything to do with such a ban, obviously, since he has abandoned Telvanni territory himself. The Telvanni, perhaps better than anyone, see the coming war with Dagoth Ur. The Telvanni council is looking at it as an opportunity to increase their own autonomy as the temple will be sorely pressed and the empire will face a revolt from a force completely outside their understanding. Baladas thinks the council is underestimating Dagoth Ur. He also suspects that with the external pressure holding them together reduced the Telvanni will fall into active battles among themselves. The bonds of honor that hold House Redoran together, in his opinion, offer the best defense against the forces of Red Mountain.

We did not forge such a bond of honor; more a bond of necessity. Rather than strike in defense against Dagoth Ur, the Telvanni's first blow in the war will be the destruction of the Mage's Guild. Baladas deems that unwise, but with Trebonius offending the Telvanni at every turn while weakening the guild's defensive position it is almost unavoidable. It is unavoidable without replacing Trebonius. Baladas gave me access to his library, and in a day of study I have gained enough insight to merit promotion to warlock rank. Baladas may not approve of the guild, but he deems it necessary for the coming war and would have it led by his ally; or perhaps led by his puppet. He has helped me, but he bears careful watching.

Another aspect of our newfound alliance is that Baladas, in his long life, has garnered some knowledge of Aldmeris. I will be returning to Gnissis with the translation of Hanging Gardens and the books in ancient Dwemer that I have collected. Perhaps with his help I can solve the riddle of the dwarves.


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