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Monday, May 09, 2005

Day 111: The long road to Gnissis

This morning I awoke refreshed and wanted to get right back on the path of my pilgrimage. I kissed Ahnassi good-bye and set out once again. The guards and townspeople of Pelagiad have become accustomed to seeing me in the mornings, shrouded in the early mists. I crossed to the north side of the street, stopped, and disappeared in the swirling lavender haze of a teleportation spell, only to reappear in the courtyard of the temple in Balmora.

I grabbed a quick bite to eat at the guild hall before having the guild guide transport me back to Ald-ruhn. I had traversed almost half the length of Vvardenfell and was ready to walk the remaining distance to Gnissis. Then I heard the wind. The guild hall in Ald-ruhn is built of great scaly plates taken from the shells of huge insects like the silt striders. The plates were creaking and groaning as the powerful wind tried to pry its way inside. I didn't need to look to know the ashstorm still raged outside. I consulted my maps.

I am on a pilgrimage to the shrine of justice. Clearly it would not be appropriate to short change the experience. Caldera is at least as far from Gnissis as Ald-ruhn, so it seemed fair enough to walk from there. I returned to the guild guide and transported to the newest guild hall, located in Caldera. Being in the thick of establishing themselves in the local scene the guild members there do not play a big part in the politics of the guild as a whole, but I made sure to greet everyone warmly as I passed through. It never hurts to have friends.

Although Caldera is far enough into the west gash to be free of the ashstorms there was still a haze of dust that cast a grey shadow over the town. I don't think anyone can say for sure if the ghostfence is weakening or if Dagoth Ur is gathering his strength, but there is no question that the blight is spreading. I headed west hoping to break free of the ominous murkiness. It gave way eventually. I didn't get an easy walk of it; the shrine will have justice. The haze of dust blended seamlessly into the usual overcast of the Bitter Coast. I slogged most of the day through the pouring rain. I even continued my trek into the darkness, using my nighteye spell when the ground did not offer smooth easy purchase. I was almost here, and making camp in the downpour did not seem worth the effort.

Despite the late hour of my arrival I have been made welcome in the temple by the priestess, Mehra Drora. Tomorrow I shall study and meditate for a while, then complete my pilgrimage at the shrine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on passing the 100 days mark!
still rweading Arvil Bren with great enjoyment.
In the midst of his current excellent adventure, i read this sentence, which I loved for its understated humour and which for me characterises Arvil Bren's approach to life in Morrowind; "I am on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Justice. Clearly it would not be appropriate to short-change the experience" !! Brilliant


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