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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Day 108: Assignment from the Archmage

I am now so deeply entangled in the politics of the Mage's Guild that I wonder if it can ever be unraveled. I have an assignment from Archmage Trebonius himself. I should have just stayed at a cornerclub instead of the guild hall. Vivec is huge, there must be a dozen places I could have rented a bed.

I made the trek down from Pelagiad this morning. I definitely did enough walking to meet the intent of the pilgrimage. The recall spell from Arkngthand to Pelagiad didn't really shorten the journey very much, and I only did it because I was loaded down with Dwemer relics. I guess most pilgrims don't get to sleep in their own beds at night, but once again I have to tell myself that other pilgrims might have taken the pilgrimages from the temple in Vivec City, which would reduce them to a mere walk outside; three of them anyway. The shrine of courtesy is the last of the seven grace shrines that is in Vivec City. I think for the last three I will be happy to be starting from Ald-ruhn.

When I arrived this afternoon I went to the temple to prepare myself for the visit to the shrine. Getting here was just the first part of the journey. Actually reaching this shrine will be more challenging than the previous three. The shrine is located in the center of what is called the 'puzzle canal'; a maze of canals beneath the palace. Just finding the center may take some extensive wandering, and rumor has it that the canals are home to Daedric monsters who guard the approaches to the shrine. I'm not too sure about that part though. The guiding text; 'The Pilgrim's Path' mentions that there is a Dremora at the shrine itself, and I am hoping that Dremora is the source of the rumors.

The Dremora is eternally bound to the shrine, and is named Krazzt. I am looking forward to meeting him. Without joining a Daedra cult opportunities to speak face to face with such a Daedric servant are rare indeed. Krazzt is there to reenact Vivec's encounter with the bad Daedra Mehunes Dagon. The shrine of courtesy commemorates that encounter, in which Vivec gave the Daedra a silver longsword rather than fight an unarmed foe. Even among enemies there is honor, and Krazzt represents the Daedra in honoring the shrine. What he does with the longswords I can't guess.

Following my studies I continued my preparations; addressing an obvious need. Krazzt will do his part, but clearly I will need to provide a silver longsword. Had I known I would have recovered one from the skeletal guardians of the Urshilaku burial caverns, or from some other tomb that I have visited. Tombs full of skeletal guardians are not in short supply in Vvardenfell. Of course neither are armorers and I could probably just buy a sword that would serve the purpose, but the familiar abandoned tombs beneath the foreign quarter appealed to me. Not only did I claim the silver longsword that I need, I charged three soul gems with the powerful life forces of bonelords. I was very pleased with the source I chose for the sword; if only I had done as well choosing a bed for the night.

I arrived at the guild hall too late for dinner, and even though the locals are not as chilly in their reception as they have been in the past there was still no interest in helping me scrounge a meal..Then Trebonius started in on me.

"On another mission for Ranis?" he asked. "I'm sure she was pleased to have her spy, especially since you found him here."

"Ranis is very watchful of the Telvanni," I countered. "Being a Dunmer herself she knows their ways and doesn't trust them. I've been over in Telvanni territory myself lately, and there is no doubt they hate the guild. They made that clear at every turn."

"Telvanni territory; running errands for Skink no doubt. Seems you do a lot of favors for everyone Arvil; everyone but me. For me, you investigate my advisors." The tension in the room was getting thicker with every word, and Skink's comment about Trebonius' command of destruction magic came unbidden to my mind. I was fixing a sandwich. Had my spear been ready in my hands I'd have felt more at ease.

"Is there anything you need done Trebonius? I could look for a Dunmer mage to replace Tiram Gadar for you." I said it with all the courtesy I could muster, thanking the living gods of the tribunal for my afternoon's studies. Veins popped out in Trebonius' neck, and one pulsed across his forehead. I noticed that the rest of the headquarters staff were listening, some holding their breath.

His voice dropped to an icy tone. "Thank you," he replied, the courtesy just as forced as my own had been. "That would be beneath a magician who has shot up through the ranks as rapidly as you. I have a task more appropriate for your rank. We need to know what happened to the Dwarves. Find out."

Just like that one of the greatest mysteries in the entire history of the Empire became my problem to solve.


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