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Sunday, May 01, 2005

A thank you note from the author

I don't know if anyone notices it; in fact it's placed specifically to be unobtrusive; but there is a counter way down at the bottom of this page. When I first put it on it counted 'page loads', meaning that a new reader who came along and read all twenty or thirty days that the journal had back then would count for however many pages they clicked on. I think when it was passing 2000 I decided to switch it over to reads instead. Seeing it drop to three or four hundred was a wrench, but made it seem more real. I'm glad I did that.

This weekend the counter rolled 5000 reads. Oddly enough reader number 5000 was me. I almost never 'read' the site, I access it through the editor which doesn't count, but I wanted to check the counter since I knew it was close. Five thousand reads; and for the first time ever there were over fifty every day this past week. My other site gets more traffic, but it is mostly exchange traffic that I don't count. There is no exchange traffic here. Traffic here is actual readers, and I appreciate you all to no end.

Part of that appreciation is that I can share the successes of the site with you. It is up to a four on Google's pagerank scale. In a search for 'Morrowind journal' it now shows up at number 11 on Google out of something like 56,000 references. It's about the same on most search engines, though for some reason it is number two at Yahoo. They like me I guess. Showing up high on the search engines makes a difference. I know some of you arrived here at first because you were looking for a walkthrough for some specific quest and were surprised at what you found. Thanks for reading, and thanks for staying.

I'm looking for a way to find out how many readers I really have. I have a sense of it from looking through my recent visitor activity on a fairly regular basis, but nothing exact. Some people counted in every one of those fifties this week. Some people are regulars that check in every few days. Some people are regulars that check in once a week on a specific day. I'm going to keep closer track for a couple weeks and see just how many regulars there really are, but my sense is it is well over a hundred. In less than six months. Who would have thought?


Anonymous rarr said...

Your writing is good and you stick to the Morrowind facts while also changing them as necessary to make a good story. I'm one of the ones that checks every day - even on weekends when you never put anything up :P.

10:20 AM  
Blogger frootat31 said...

I'm definitely a regular. I look forward to new entries...even checking your site know, just in case of an update. I hope this isn't messing up your counter! I will try to wait a few days at a time. Its one of the best 'fanfiction' type stuff I found on the web. I love how you mesh the lore with the first person view. Great job!

12:23 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Thanks to you both! Go ahead and keep checking as much as you want. I can tell you there is a new actual entry every Monday through Friday. Sometimes I will post a note like this one on the weekend but no actual journal entries. I'm back to running at least a few days ahead, so the daily entry Monday through Friday should always be up by noon Pacific time.

If anyone can recommend a syndication service they are familiar with and like please e-mail me at Syndication services somehow notify you when a selected blog updates, so you don't have to keep checking. If I hook up one of them I'll make sure to let everyone know.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Jason said...

I have a ritual in which I check every info syst lesson and read the latest update. I am a die-hard Morrowind fanaatic aswell

7:35 PM  
Blogger life is wierd said...

Im def a regular check it every day at work.Well written about a great game:)

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Josh said...

I found this one night while working on a new character. I read the site for a few night from begining to end. I love the character. I always liked the bow but felt a need for another weapon. Thanks to you im chosing spear for my breton "Magical Archer of Peace". Im looking forward to the Fight for arch mage. i can see you with avril with a freshly sharpend spear stabing through Tribuna (i forget the guys name sorry). well thanks for the entertainment inspiration and keep up the good work.

11:22 PM  
Anonymous drew said...

Linked to your journal, after seeing it mentioned on the Morrowind Summit, and have just spent a very enjoyable few hours reading through it all. Its riveting stuff, and it adds a refreshing twist to a well-known tale. I look forward to continuing to follwo the ongoing adventures!

5:15 PM  
Blogger Scott Hanson said...

Wow, what a story. I've spent the last few days reading your story from beginning to end. It has certainly inspired me to play Morrowind in a whole new way. Taking the time to create a story and journal, as you have done, makes the experience much more satisfying.

Your writing skill is impressive; it is very captivating, well done!

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm...nice...just came across it and will definately read in the future. Got here from the morrowind union on Gamespot.

the count shows 6000 + 2 day

3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! I go into phases with morrowind, like: Now i am going to start again, but be a ninja or a gallant knight. But you put the whole game in perspective. I LOVE THIS JOURNAL. I AM GOING TO WRITE ONE NOOOWW!!!

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:44 AM  

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