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Monday, May 02, 2005

Day 106: Pilgrimage progress

Emusette gave me a letter to deliver to Maurrie this morning, congratulating her on her romance with Nelos no doubt. Funny that there was a time that Maurrie thought Emusette and I could make a couple. Ahnassi was happy to see me appear once again in the hall. Very happy when she saw no signs of conflict or combat. She does worry.

With no pressing business for the guild until Skink verifies the necromancy charges in Sadrith Mora, and still no word from Caius, I again considered just spending some time at home. But my father always said that the idle pocket deserves to get picked, so I am again on the road. Finding a master of the school of alteration would serve me well, but even my father's wisdom could not drive me back into Telvanni territory. Instead I returned to the temple in Ald-ruhn.

Tuls Valen was pleased to see me, but did question my devotion. Much to my surprise it has been almost a month since I started the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces. I completed three; humility, valor, and generosity. Despite seeing that it seems these graces are in short supply with the temple hierarchy the pilgrimages did me good personally, and I am eager to continue. Next is the pilgrimage to the shrine of courtesy, and I set out with a light step bound once again for Vivec City.

The cross country trek is becoming familiar, though I try to follow at least a slightly different path each time. Today I left Ald-ruhn on a trail headed due east, straight towards Red Mountain. This branched a couple times, then the main path appears to have fallen into disuse. I quickly saw why. It runs straight through the ghostfence. Beyond the shimmering magical barricade I could see that the path is nearly obliterated from the constant swirl of the ashstorms that cloak the crater region.

I followed the ghostfence to the south and picked up another path, then dropped into the Foyada Mamaca. By the time I found a way up the opposite side the afternoon was waning, and I was considering another night out of doors with no enthusiasm. Then I saw the towers in the distance. The mountaintop ruins of Arkngthand loomed against the westering sun. Skirting lava pools and slicing cliff racers with my wakizashi I hurried onward, the shelter afforded by the ruins too opportune to surrender. Once the sun set and the twilight thickened the cliff racers came out in force. Gliding out of the near darkness they could attack with great effect, but my armor is sturdy and I was seldom injured; never so badly that the healing energies of the lifetaker blade could not keep up.

I reached the ruins and found the entry crank in the dark. Initially I planned to take over the empty quarters of Creto, the boss of Orvas Dren's expedition of looters who I battled for the Dwemer cube. My plan changed when I saw signs of recent traffic at the entrance. I am holed up in the main entry chamber, on top of a tower where I should be safe from discovery. In the morning I will investigate before I continue on to Vivec.


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